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The golden tomcat

Source unknown 1993

Gold for Hubert von Goisern and his Alpinkatzen

He doesn't like shepherdesses. Hubert von Goisern and the Alpinkatzen have done it. With Hiatamadl, they have worked themselves to the top of the Austrian charts. Today they receive the gold disc for their album Aufgeigen stått niederschiaßn in Ramsau.

Since 1984 the Alpinkatzen have grazed over Austria's mountain peaks, gold was never in sight. Founder of the group was Hubert von Goisern (40), together with minister's son Wolfgang Staribacher. The pair's first album flopped. Staribacher left the sinking ship. Hubert didn't give up so easily. He drummed together three musicians and the yodelling genius Sabine Kapfinger and produced Aufgeigen stått niederschiaßn with them. The first single (Sepp bleib do) from this album prompted 1000 buyers to brandish their wallets. With the second single Koa Hiatamadl, came success. Suddenly the tomcat saw himself as an adventurer at the top of the charts. 25,000 copies of the album went over the counter - that means gold!

Hubert's record company Ariola are awarding the folk musician and his troupe the desired gold disc tonight in Ramsau (Styria).

Hubert von Goisern comes from the Upper Austrian spa town of Bad Goisern. Born as Hubert Achleitner, he's now called Hubert Sullivan, due to a failed marriage with the Canadian Kate Sullivan. He wants to rename himself again soon. His CV reads as an adventure. Hubert grew up in Bad Goisern and earned his daily bread in the town's brass band, from where he was thrown out because he wanted to play rousing songs instead of brass music. The narrow-minded provincial thinking caused him to escape. He travelled all over the world for seven years. Including four years in Africa. Lastly in the Philippines. There he followed how the natives neglected their own music culture due to the pop music from the radio.

"Back to the roots - off into the homeland!" Hubert thought to himself, because he saw how Austria's musical cultural goods were also endangered. Folk music is a widely spread term for Hubert von Goisern: "I understand it to be everything where people can sing along" - accordingly his lyrics and his style, the dancefloor-mature rhythms. Hubert was able to realise his crazy ideas, even though his opponents call him a "denigrator of his own country". "Alpine rock is multicultural and unlocked", the singer defies all those who think differently. Thus, Hubert - despite his wild mixture of styles - sees himself as a folk musician. Thank God!

The nature boy stays as he is

Source unknown 1993

Double platinum for Hubert von Goisern

Hubert von GoisernBecause he has to do without his beloved mountains not least because of tours ("I have still not managed to get my countless fans onto the alpine meadows!"), Hubert von Goisern invited people to the awarding of the double platinum 100,000 Hiatamadls sold just in Austria today, Tuesday at a dizzy height. To be exact, for the first time in the Bad Ischl salt mine and afterwards to a three hour march to the Hütteneck. Groan!

Why does he do it? Does he perhaps dislike journalists?

"My songs are about homeland, customs and tradition. Things which are now once again to be found more in the country than in the town. So it is more obvious that I invited you to the place where the basis for my success lies: in the mountains..."

Your success, Hubert, was surprising even for experts. What has changed for a nature boy and family man, as you pass yourself off, with double platinum?

"A great deal. There is so little time for my partner Hildegard and my boy Niki, the popularity, which I do like, but to which I can only get used to with difficulty. When strangers in the pub ask me for an autograph, it can be that for a moment, I do not know what they want from me!"

One hundred thousand sold CDs means that the musician is under an absolute heap of money. When we will see Hubert von Goisern drive up in a Rolls?

"So far I have not owned my own car and I am not thinking of buying one either. The success has not gone to my head, the money has not changed me either. At most, today I buy an expensive T-shirt instead of a cheap one.

Because I am saving up for a house. For a house high up on the mountain. And if one day the money is no longer rolling in and things have out-Goiserned themselves, then I will be landlord of a mountain hut."

Double platinum

Meine Woche (?) 1993 | Photo: Ingrid Fellner

Hubert von GoisernThis week Hubert von Goisern received double platinum for 100,000 sold Aufgeigen stått niederschiassen LPs

Almost triple platinum would have been due: because to date he has sold 140,000 copies of his success record. Also this time - for the gold award he invited people to the Dachstein - the place of award was an unusual one: "Underground" at Salzsee in the Bad Ischl salt mine, 700m deep. Reason enough to ask the musician what has concerned him this week.

It pleased me:

That I received the shift card from 8th June 1983 as a present from Saline Austria AG. On this day I went into the tunnel three times with "Glück Auf!" ("good luck ahead!"). I was a guide in this mine for two summers and chauffeured the guests with the Grubenhunt (wooden cart which the miners used)."

It put me in a thoughtful mood:

That I could scarcely speak a word to my mother, who came specially to the ceremony on the Hütteneck pasture. I was so besieged by journalists. My father also thought I was driven through a mincer at that time, that is dangerous."

It annoyed me:

"That I have too little time for my family, Hildegard and my son Niki (5). But I wanted the success. Now I must live with it. I am almost never at home in Salzburg. That is the high price I must pay for my success."

"I don't fit into Musikantenstadl"

Alles 1994 | Text: Brigitte Dumic

Today his concerts in Austria, Germany and Switzerland are sold-out. And his shows at festivals in Paris and Austin, Texas alike are acclaimed. Hubert von Goisern, once an exotic creature in his own land, has made the breakthrough once and for all and with his songs has shaped a "new folk music". Which doesn't fit into the Musikantenstadl cliché at all. Because the folksy music presented by Karl Moik, the born Goiserer doesn't mince his words, consists of a good 90% "acoustic rubbish".

At the age of 30, the trained chemistry laboratory assistant dropped out in order to dedicate his life completely to music. With a self-prescribed probation of ten years: "If I'm still on the breadline when I'm 40, then I'll stop with music again and try something else." The timing was perfect. On the day before his 40th birthday (a year and a half ago), Hubert von Goisern took home his first gold disc.

Meanwhile, he has sold almost 400,000 copies of his album Aufgeigen stått niederschiassen in the German-speaking countries. And a month ago, brought the logical sequel onto the market. With Omunduntn, a title which stands equally for the highs and lows in life, the musician and his Alpinkatzen have gone a step further: "We haven't repeated what made us successful. Because hits don't interest me at all. Now of course we must wait and see if the public can understand this new step. Mind you, I expect that those who have accompanied us on our musical path so far will also carry on with us!"

After all, Hubert expects his fans to listen to the music they like again and again. Just as he likes to do. Because good music is not always so simple that you fully understand it the first time.

As he himself is no simple person. But an honest one, who stands openly by his opinions. For example, his statement that "Moik has no backbone". Hubert von Goisern does not understand the following: "Why doesn't Moik occupy himself professionally with the music he likes personally. Swing for example. Just peering at ratings and thereby ultimately thinking about dear money, is just spineless to me. Basically, I think that the Musikantenstadl consists of a good 90% acoustic rubbish. The criminally folksy music there has nothing to do with real folk music. Nor with what I produce myself."

The 41 year old master of the Alpinkatzen continues: "The term folk music has undergone just the same metamorphosis as the, for me, not solely regional identity, but also temporal quality. The moment that many people accept a particular music, it becomes folk music - like some of my songs. Of course I'm very happy about that."

As with his girlfriend Hildegard and their children Nikolaus (6) and the four month old Laura. On the outskirts of Salzburg, where the born Upper Austrian settled five years ago: "Nature and the mountains are good for me!" the proud father is convinced. "Mind you, I am rarely at home at the moment, which I'm really sorry about, particularly on Laura's account!"

But that's how life goes. In his youth he had lots of time for his friends, for mountain climbing or for going to operas, but barely any money. Today he enjoys his success and the associated wealth, but time is totally missing for family or for excursions into nature.

In this respect, Hubert von Goisern's newest work Omunduntn carries autobiographical traits in a manner of speaking. "How would you describe your new musical direction?" - "I someone who can best express himself with the help of music. So if I should now paraphrase what I can do best, I might just fall flat on my face. Music-loving people should buy the album - or, even better, come to my concerts."

Alpine Hubert: Linen instead of T-shirt

Source unknown 1994 | Text: M. Schütz

Felix Austria - Happy Austria, because in our neighbouring country, pop stars get platinum for 50,00 sold albums. The alpine rocker Hubert von Goisern romped over this hurdle with his Alpinkatzen and their new album Omunduntn.

Reason to celebrate thought his record company Ariola and, in connection with his sold-out concert in "Live aus dem Alabama", invited him to a party in the neighbouring Tempel. BMG boss Thomas Stein then awarded the band the coveted precious metal. Munich concert organiser Hage Hein (Shitmann & Blau), who has meanwhile matured to an expert in folklore rock music, always believed in the success. His engagement was also appreciated with platinum.

Yesterday, Hubert flew with his band to Paris, to give a concert there. After that they are then going over the pond to Austin/Texas and to New York. Remains to be seen what the Americans say about "yodel rock from Austria", but music is, after all, international.

Those who have already been struck by Hubert's stylish linen clothes can rest assured that the master is now planning a collection with modern Tracht. The garments will be brought onto the market together with the established textile company Meindl. It makes a change from all these T-shirts.

Ziehharmonika goes Rock 'n' Roll

MUSIK-Woche 1994 | Text: Hans Hartel

While the Alpinkatzen are already recording their new album in Cologne, its predecessor, which came onto the market at the beginning of 1992, is still selling like hotcakes.

Vienna/Cologne (ha) There's no end to the conquering of the summit and perhaps we are now finally capable of producing independent and, at the same time, international pop music in the alpine region. Hubert von Goisern and his Original Alpinkatzen are the reason for this vague hope. Their current successful album Aufgeigen stått Niederschiassn boomed to such an extent that at the awarding of the gold disc, it was already at platinum status and is now already on the best way to triple platinum with about 140,000 units sold. Our relevant media were not exactly lavish with their praise at the time of the release, in order to have finally have already always known it after the immediate success that was Hiatamadl.

Hubert and his Alpinkatzen celebrate "unashamed folk music" under the motto "Ziehharmonika goes Rock 'n' Roll". They spread "unusual folk music among the people" with the Styrian (button accordion) and ominous beefhorn. At the moment, the musicians are hidden in studio cloister near Cologne and are recovering from efforts of the last concert months with the production of the forthcoming CD.

Gold for Hubert von Goisern

Alles 15th March 1994 | Text: Eva Deissen and Nikolaus Schrefl

HvGHubert von Goisern's success boom goes steeply uphill: after the sensational success of Aufgeigen stått niederschiassen, he and his Original Alpinkatzen have done it again: his brand new live (sic) album Omunduntn was improved with platinum last night in Munich after the appearance Live aus dem Nachtwerk. And that means that the record went over the Austrian counters an unbelievable 50,000 times in the last 14 days. And so the golden boundary of 25,000 is over-yodelled at the first go. And that the Austrian platinum is especially presented in the Bavarian metropolis is, so to speak, a neighbourly help for Hubert, in order to also shortly fiddle up the German market. For the alpine avalanche, work has been announced: in the morning they go to Paris for Les Eurofolies Festival. After that, over the big pond to Austin in Texas for the South by Southwest Festival, where the rustic Austro rock sound will be mixed among the cowboys. On the 22nd March, the US trip will finish in The Cooler club in New York, shortly afterwards the Austrian tour will start, which will run until the end of May.

Bad Dürrheim salt mine

Hubert von Goisern and the Alpinkatzen

Hubert von Goisern, Wolfgang Maier, Stefan Engel, Reinhard Stranzinger and Sabine Kapfinger in March 1995 at the presentation of a gold disc for Aufgeigen stått Niederschiassen in the Bad Dürrnberg salt mine.