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Hubert von Goisern: ENTWEDERundODER

The Album

Hubert von Goisern - ENTWEDERundODER

02.09.11 | 8869793811 2 | Amazon


  • 1. brenna tuat's guat (Week 40-44: Single at #1 in Austria)
  • 2. indianer
  • 3. hålt nit ån
  • 4. i versteh di nit
  • 5. heidi hålt mi
  • 6. es is wias is
  • 7. nit lång her
  • 8. lebwohl
  • 9. i kenn oan
  • 10. suach da an åndern
  • 11. üuoö (über-unter-ober-österreicher)
  • 12. neama bång
  • Also available as an MP3 album including live video of Hålt nit ån at

Special Edition CD & DVD (Tavern Tour film and Brenna tuats guat video) available from 13.01.12

The time has come again. New songs have found their way into the world and, for me at least, another new era has thus begun. After the opulent sounds and epic songs of the S'NIX production, which developed with the backdrop of the great ship tour, as well as the live supplement in the form of the double CD Haut & Haar, the challenge for me was to be found in reduction. The simplicity of opening the door was also a test of courage. After all the line between simple and shallow is somewhat blurred. And it's an established fact that it's simpler to be complicated, but complicated to express oneself simply. i wish you all a good time listening

Hubert von Goisern
Salzburg in July 2011


Hubert von Goisern has skinned his music. After his opulently instrumented Danube tour and his epic most recent album S'Nix he is now telling of the basic connections of life in new songs bared to their bones. On Entwederundoder cries of pleasure with an alpine tinge and melancholic reflections on mortality come equally naturally to the singer from the Salzkammergut with songs reduced to their quintessence. With his accordion and his young band, consisting of just drums, bass and guitar, he recorded this compellingly animated and tenderly melancholic music in his Salzburg studio. Clearer and more concise and direct than ever before, Hubert von Goisern dedicates himself on this highly concentrated singer's album to the most elementary aspects of being human. After great adventures and varied explorations over the last 15 years, it is a positive bonding with the very starting point of his music!

An extensive tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland will follow from January 2012.