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Miscellaneous: 2003

Stomach ache before, palpitations afterwards

Kleine Zeitung 4th May 2003 | Text: Christian Ude

On Wednesday, the Amadeus will be awarded to Herbert Grönemeyer among others.
Hubert von Goisern explains why he is not going to the TV gala.

The Americans have their Grammy, the English the Brit Award, the Germans the Echo - and the Austrians the Amadeus since three years ago. Just 400 jurors from the music and media business have already cast their vote. The "Amadeus Austrian Music Award" (to give it its full title) ceremony, presented by Andi Knoll, goes off on 7th May in the ORF Zentrum; ORF 1 broadcasts the gala a day later at 22.00.

We can already reveal two winners today: since Herbert Grönemeyer and Robbie Williams cannot come to the gala in Vienna, they have already received their Amadeus awards.

Herbert Grönemeyer confronted the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shakira, Eminem and also Robbie Williams in the "International Album of the Year" category and took the award a few weeks ago in Berlin. His acceptance speech will be shown via video in the show. Robbie Williams received the special prize from the specialist jury as Best International Male Artist and will likewise say thank you via video and sing (Come Undone).

Criticism of ORF

In its short history, the Amadeus was not free of discord. Two years ago for example, when Hubert von Goisern won an Amadeus as Best National Male Solo Artist, he found very sharp words in his acceptance speech about the small presence of native musicians in ORF's programmes.

In the TV broadcast, his criticism fell victim to the scissors, about which the Austrian Music Council rightly protested: the ORF would withhold the truth from the public in this way and cut a speech to shape.

Hubert von Goisern, who has just released two DVDs (Grenzenlos and Iwasig), is again nominated as National Male Artist of the Year Pop/Rock, but is not going: "In the last two years, this event was running the gauntlet for me, where days before I had stomach ache and palpitations days afterwards. That is why this year I am staying at home," he explains in interview with the Kleine Zeitung.

Stiff face

Namely, the ORF have not changed their programme politics. "Last year Zabine won the Amadeus in two categories. But she was not therefore played more often on the radio," he explains. "It could and should be a great party and cooperation of music makers. But unfortunately it is a terribly stiff face. I was very pleased about the prize because it is awarded by a large, very diverse jury."

What also annoys the alpine rocker and world musician: "It is a de facto ORF event in the holy shrine on the Küniglberg. All year the ORF boycotts the domestic scene which is distinguished here. It comes over as if you get the prize from the ORF - and that is simply not right." Among others, Arabella Kiesbauer, Nina Proll, Stermann & Grissemann and EAV are expected as presenters; Simply Red, Seer, Manuel Ortega, Michael Tschuggnall, Sarah Connor and Nena provide the music blocks between the prizegivings. A duet between Sportfreunde Stiller and Christina is planned as a surprise.

Amadeus for Robbie and Gröni

Kurier 8th May 2003

[...] It remains to be seen whether there are critical words in the acceptance speeches and how the ORF deals with it. Two years ago, prizewinner Hubert von Goisern criticised the programme politics of the ORF, which offers native artists too few chances. His was then toned down in the TV broadcast.

The problem with the Amadeus remains the strange way of awarding. In each category the artists with the highest sales are nominated - and the jury can then only choose the winner from them. That means that the pure quality is not the deciding factor here, but the best commercially receives the prize. Which contradicts the sense of an honour determined by a jury: it should be exclusively about quality. Because the most commercially successful have already had their prize - in the form of gold disc and money.