Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 2002

How the time flies

Bad Ischler Rundschau 14th November 2002 | Text & Photo: Josef H. Handlechner

Hubert von Goisern celebrates his fiftieth on 17th November

I do not waste any thoughts on turning the clock back. What's past is past. Hubert von Goisern

Hubert von GoisernBad Goisern - His current tour is called Grenzenlos (Without Frontiers) and that is naturally no coincidence: because frontiers also stand for confinement, and Hubert von Goisern has not liked that from the very beginning. Hubert Achleitner, born on 17th November 1952 went out into the world after training as a chemistry laboratory assistant - to South Africa first of all, then to Canada.

But it also became too confined there for him, after an extended journey around Asia, in the Philippines he noticed the music playing with the natives and his interest for folk music - and for homeland. Back in Austria, he looked for and found his own view: "If folk music does not change, then it would be dead music!" He met Wolfgang Staribacher in Vienna and released the first Alpinkatzen album Alpine Lawine with him in 1988. And even though it was to still take a few years - the "new folk music" was soon to become a real avalanche.

It is almost ten years since Hubert von Goisern made the first appearance with the new band (the Original Alpinkatzen). Hiatamadl, Heast as nit & Co. became hits: "The time was simply right," Hubert summed up: "Until then, everything that was in the least to do with homeland was suspect or taboo. Suddenly the people dared to admit that they liked it."

In 1994, Omunduntn came onto the market, Hubert von Goisern and the Alpinkatzen went to New York and Paris - but the decision to end the Alpinkatzen project with this tour was definite. Idle bliss in the future was certainly not announced: the live CD Wia die Zeit Vergeht was released, Hubert wrote the film music for Schlafes Bruder and debuted as an actor in Hölleisengretl. The next CDs Gombe and Inexil after Africa and Tibet journeys respectively are a very clear confession to solidarity with the weak and weakest of the world, a confession anyway that runs through the Goiserer's life and work like a main theme.

After six years absence from the stage, Hubert returned with Fön in 2000 and started his tour with a warm-up in the Bad Ischl Lehàrtheater - and the finale of the Grenzenlos tour was to be experienced exactly there so to speak, still as fresh as his latest CD too (Iwasig).

And if everything goes smoothly, Hubert could stand on stage in his hometown Bad Goisern again next year.