Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 2005

Paper boat on a journey

Kleine Zeitung 3rd December 2005

In the documentary Bodenprobe a paper boat is sent on a journey of discovery of the concept of "homeland" along the Traun. The two students Sophie Huber, from Ebensee, and the Bad Ausseer Martin Komarek, nephew of the author Alfred Komarek, went on a film search for identity and homeland in the Salzkammergut. At the centre of the documentary stands, above all, the "concept of homeland" as held by cultural personalities from the Salzkammergut, like Barbara Frischmuth, Alfred Komarek and Hubert von Goisern.

Bodenprobe has already been able to register a first success. The documentary homeland film received the audience prize at the student film festival film:riss in Salzburg. The documentary celebrated its premiere yesterday in Bad Aussee. On 9th December it can be seen at 20.00 in Kino Ebensee.


[...] In the 45 minute film Bodenprobe, Sophie Huber and Martin Komarek inquire after the concept of "homeland". And they don't ask just anybody, but rather cultural figures, who live in the Salzkammergut, or come from there. For example, Barbara Frischmuth, Alfred Komarek or Hubert von Goisern. Staying, flying, returning? "Going your own way," recalls Hubert von Goisern, "that was the most difficult thing you could do back then.".

Reconciliation with the Salzkammergut

OÖN 12. December 2005

[...] Hubert Achleitner, known as "Hubert von Goisern", doesn't consider it long: "If I was 25 today, I would leave this region again." Like many other artists from the Salzkammergut, the homeland became too close for the Goiserer musician at the beginning of his career. Alfred Komarek, Ferdinand Götz and Fritz Idam also once left the tourism idyll, Kaiser folklore and the narrow horizon of a valley community behind them, in order to become what they are today: artists who have made their place in the world.

Bodenprobe: Trailer