Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 1996

Not a Buddhist

Die Ganze Woche 26th June 1996 | Text: Hannes M. Pum

Hubert von GoisernMore than a year ago, Hubert von Goisern openly explained his resignation from the stage. Since then has been a break with refreshed new sounds à la Hiatamadl. In the time in between, he has drifted this way and that across the globe. At the presentation of a two-part ORF project (Eine steirische Fernsehgeschichte), for which Hubert wrote the music, last Friday he looked once again dropped in on the homeland. Will his fans be instructed to go on with his old records if they want to hear his music?

"No," proclaimed Hubert unexpectedly in the Woche interview, "it urges me back to the stage! But I do not yet know exactly when I will appear again." I will decide that in the next months."

And the songs, the music, there is a new direction? "At the moment, I have the feeling that it will be a rather aggressive music." Apparently he did not find real inner peace on his journeys.

"I have seen a lot, I was in Ireland, in Africa, now in Tibet for a very long time. I experienced a great deal there that annoyed me. If you get into Buddhist thinking, then there is no such thing as anger or aggravation. But I feel that: I am still too little Buddhist or perhaps not at all. I am the last person, it is said, one should by force of arms change something. But there this country has been controlled by the Chinese for 50 years, and the world does not give a damn. That really gets on my nerves, it annoys me enormously!"

What pulls him to Buddhism anyway? "Because they do not do missionary work like all the other religions. Because they are completely tolerant beside people of other faiths. That is lacking for me in our religion." And why does an accession fail till now, only to his aggressiveness? "Yes, I am not a Buddhist because I hate mosquitoes. If a mosquito bites me in the night, then I put the light on and kill it if I catch it. A Buddhist is not allowed to do something like that." So, we look forward to a new, aggressive, thoughtful Goisern.