Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 2016

DOKeins - Settele in homeland fever

4th October 2016 | Photo: © ORF/Neulandfilm

Hubert von Goisern and Hanno Settele

Is homeland a place? A feeling? Is it threatened? From outside or within? Could it be that homeland has become a new fashion trend, or does the dirndl & Co. represent a new homeland feeling? What's certain is that in 2016 the Austrian homeland is a battleground, branded product, and place of longing and virtual reality all in one.

Thank goodness Hanno Settele has found perspective and an overview of all things homeland. Helping him along the way are homeland icons like Sepp Forcher and Toni Innauer, ethnologists, fashion designers and cooks, young women of the Identitary Movement and gay schuhplattlers, and popular and diverse representatives of the new old homeland – such as Andreas Gabalier and Hubert von Goisern. Settele in homeland fever takes a look at the new homeland boom and the dramatic change of direction that the current understanding of "homeland" has taken.

For the interview for this new documentary in the DOKeins series, journalist Hanno Settele met Hubert von Goisern at the Salzburg Museum of Modern Art. High above the city on the Mönchsberg they also admired artworks such as Franz Wests Divertissement and Azra Aksamija's Arizona Road.