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Miscellaneous: 2018

Running out of time – is another economy possible?

30th May 2018

A burning discussion between Christian Felber and Hubert von Goisern

Es brennt der Hut - Hubert von Goisern and Christian Felber in conversationChristian Felber and Hubert von Goisern discuss and debate the alternative economic model of the common good economy (GWÖ) and talk with regional representatives from companies and communities who are already implementing this. "... because if we keep going like this, we'll run out of time!

The country of Bhutan makes annual evaluations of the contentedness of its inhabitants. The gross national product is thereby replaced by gross national happiness. This sounds like a utopia, but it's real. And it means that the focus is on people - not their material economic value. In this sense, is an economic system such as the common good economy, which is oriented towards the well-being of people and the environment, possible? Or a utopia? A socially relevant question. And what else, if not a cultural enterprise, would be the perfect environment for such a question.

The common good economy - an ethical economic model developed by entrepreneurs according to Christian Felber's concept - is a vision for a sustainable economy and lifestyle. The economy should be designed according to the same values that allow human relations to succeed and are already enshrined in the constitution. The focus is on people and the environment and not the maximisation of profit at any price. An entrepreneurial success is considered to be the contribution to the common good, which, in contrast to current times, would be measured and rewarded.

Also on the panel – stories and insights from experience:

  • Daniela Gmachl / ARGEkultur manager - Common Good entrepreneur
  • Jennifer Klink / Hotel Auersperg - Employee at a Common Good business
  • Hans-Jörg Birner / Mayor of Kirchanschöring - Representative of a Common Good community
  • Wolfgang Schäffner / SMC Saalfelden - Scientist

Moderator: Isabella Klien, Economy for the Common Good Salzburg consultant

Entry and information stands in the foyer: 18:30
Event begins in the auditorium: 19:30
Followed by a midsummer fire celebration

Es brennt der Hut - eine andere Wirtschaft ist möglich?
Wednesday, 20th June 2018 – 19:30, ARGEkultur Salzburg
Free admission – registration required: