Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 2011

Hubert von Goisern: "As long as there is fuel"

Kleine Zeitung 3rd February 2011 | Text: Uschi Loigge | Photo: Haider

Hubert von Goisern on a working visit to Klagenfurt.
In conversation with the Kleine Zeitung he talks about practising, politics and his time as a music teacher.

Hubert von Goisern

This is what results when something carved from a special wood wrong-foots another: a workshop with Hubert von Goisern at the Klagenfurt Konservatorium. The world musician in the rank of a folk music rebel didn't want to make a lot of fuss about his work visit, to which he was persuaded by the composer Alfred Stingl at the suggestion of Maria Moling, former musician in Goisern's band. However before the workshop (subject: Music after 1945. General and individual aspects), which a good fifty students and Konservatorium lecturers attended, the 58 year old could still be persuaded to come for a coffee.

Are you nervous? Workshops are after all not an everyday thing for you. How often have you been persuaded to do such lectures?

Never to a workshop in front of students. Mind you, I did teach music for a year. My son was in the first year at secondary school then and when I asked him "what do you do in music?", he said: "Yeah, nothing." There was no music teacher at the school, instead the maths teacher taught music too. "They don't want to sing," he told me. My reply was: "What do you do if they don't want to do arithmetic?" So I then took on the music lessons for a year. My respect for teachers increased a great deal in this time. The bonus you have as a pop musician wears off with children after three hours.

How do you want to approach the workshop in Klagenfurt?

I'm not teaching, I'm just talking. About my approach to music. I'm an autodidact and taught myself everything. The two terms of music study were somewhat of a deterrent for me.

You say that practising is in general nonsense. That must win you points with students ...

Joe Zawinul said: "I practise for two minutes at the most, then I'm just playing." There's something in that. I don't practise. And when I'm not making appearances or producing, then I don't do anything. After my times with the Alpinkatzen I didn't pick up an instrument for six years. And piano, I can't play that at all. I only sit at the piano when I'm composing. Although I do swear when I haven't played for a long time. I'm a brass player and the exertion of blowing is a devil.

But you're producing at the moment.

I've been exposed to music practically 14 hours a day since November. I like to compare playing music with a flame. It ignites and burns just as long there is fuel.

You'll be on tour from April. Is there a date planned for Carinthia?

There was once talk of the Wörthersee stage, but I haven't heard any more about that. But something else is more important to me - I shall be playing a tavern tour. After they closed the last tavern hall in Goisern, these idiots, I thought I would look for the last old halls and go to the people in the furthest corners of the land. My management threw their hands up, but I'm convinced it will be a great thing.

H. C. Strache played your song Heast es nit at an FPÖ event in 2006, to which you objected in an open letter. You called Strache someone on the fringes back then, meanwhile there are polls that see the FPÖ as the strongest party. What are your thoughts?

Strache isn't a Goiserer, I don't take him seriously. I think many vote for him out of spite. Jörg Haider was of another calibre. He was a Goiserer. Strangely I never met him in person. In 1993 or 1994 the "NEWS" newspaper want to have the two of us for an interview. I accepted, Haider turned it down. So I was spared the ordeal.