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Miscellaneous: 2004

Hubert von Goisern on the election, candidates and the Greens

Kurier 25th February 2004 | Text: Brigitte Kirchgatterer

The Salzburg musician Hubert von Goisern actually prefers to be on trips abroad and dedicates himself with body and soul to his music. It is an exception to find him on the political stage in Salzburg during this election campaign.

"I could not imagine doing such a thing. I wouldn't have the guts," the alpine rocker says of the job of a politician. If he had the opportunity to stir things up politically, then the 51 year old would first do it in cultural politics: "In this respect, everything is so conservative in Salzburg, so turned backwards."

The reason why the musician has now spoken is that he "wishes for something new in Salzburg". "I would really like it if the Greens came into power. If I can contribute something, then I do. Mind you, there are boundaries," says the musician.

In a way he can understand that the SP boss Gabi Burgstaller has such a good position with the population. "She has charm - but I don't know what she does." Hubert von Goisern sees the ÖVP's decision to put Wilfried Haslauer into the race before the election as "fair with respect to the voters". Although he adds: "We'll see whether this move also works out at the final account."

Green freshness

"The other parties certainly also have good people. But the camp pressure is simply to great there," the musician continues. "I like the freshness with the Greens. I often have the impression with the other parties that they are too resigned."

Salzburg's Greens have become calmer in their politics. "I judge the positive. You need balanced expert politics in order to find a broad basis. For that you must grow out of the stadium of the youth rebels," says Hubert von Goisern.

Should the Greens be represented in the government, the musician - like 13% of Salzburg residents - prefers a combination with the Reds: "I think that works better than Green-Black together."

Start of the election campaign

Tiroler Tageszeitung 14th February 2004

[...] The famous Salzburg artist and professed supporter of the Greens stood on the election campaign stage himself for a few minutes and had to face a cross examination. "How do people in Tibet handle resources?", Martina Berthold, third on the party list, wanted to know. Von Goisern: "The people there are not at all tempted to act in a primitive manner!" And his hope for the Salzburg Greens? "They should win the election. When they come [into government], then I can play my concerts in peace."