Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 1995

I don't want to be an idol

Frau Aktuell 30th August 1995 | Text: Astrid Eichstedt

Hubert von GoisernGood news for all those who are still sad about the departure of Hubert von Goisern (42) and his Alpinkatzen: the high points of the unconventional folk music rocker's last four concerts are now to be seen in the cinema. The film, filmed ten months ago in the Munich Circus Krone, is called Wia die Zeit vergeht. After that the musicians, who had achieved the peak of success after only three years, went their separate ways.

Even if it also makes Hubert sad to look at the concert excerpts from that time, he nevertheless does not regret his decision: "The Alpinkatzen are over and done with. I simply had the feeling to have achieved everything or even more than that. I had become an idol, contrary to my intention and found it first and foremost a burden. We could have carried on endlessly like that. But I am always searching for something which has not been tried and tested, from which I can gain new experiences."

The alpine rapper has now succeeded in this in among other things as a fashion designer. The little sign in his linen traditional suits bears his initials HvG. In the fashion, which he developed with a New York designer, the Upper Austrian pursued similar aims as in music. He wants to combine traditional with modern and so create something new.

At home in Bad Goisern, Hubert writes music for film and television in his little old house. From his pen also comes the music to Joseph Vilsmaier's new film version of the novel Schlafes Bruder, which comes to the cinemas in October.

HvGAs the next thing, Hubert-full-steam-down-every-street is planning his own film, with which he is taking screenplay, main role, music and direction into his own hands. He has had a lot of time for the cinema since his childhood. "I like it when everything becomes dark around me and I don't think about anything else, " he explains.

With so much go-getting, the family unfortunately gets a raw deal. Hubert's one and a half year old daughter and his seven year old son are growing up with their mother, from whom he has separated. "She is," he assures, "the best mother I can wish for, for my children."

Hubert von Goisern fans can now look forward to something. In 1997 the musician definitely wants to be back on stage. Perhaps even with his former band, the Alpinkatzen? Hubert: "I don't rule out the idea that sometime we will play again in more or less the same arrangement. But if and with which style of music, I can't say now."