Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 1997

How was it in the other life?

Neue Kronen Zeitung 31st May 1997 | Text: Conny Bischofberger | Photo: Peter Tomschi

Yodel prince Hubert von Goisern prescribed himself a two and a half year absence from the stage and dived into another life. In the "Krone" interview the international commuter reports back

Hubert von GoisernWhat gave you the crazy idea, two and a half years ago, to send your Alpinkatzen packing and to disappear to Tibet?

I simply wanted to venture across my boundaries and I said to myself: so, now I go off stage, have a long break and slam all doors shut behind me.

What did it bring?

Whoever cuts off their line of retreat makes a very intensive experience, a frontier experience. In this time I occupied myself with the Tibet things.

Just like that?

By chance, I got to know a Tibetan lady who lives in Austria and who asked me for support. I accepted immediately.

Although you have a partner and two children...

I have two homes. One is where I live and work alone, the other is family. My life takes place in these exciting circumstances.

Did you travel to Tibet alone?

Yes, and with I received a very great respect for these people. Although they have been oppressed for 50 years, murdered and tortured, these people have not lost the courage to face life, they have not become aggressive. We would have retaliated if one managed it. And also in Tibet there are voices who do not approve of the peaceful way. After all the general public only listens if there is a fight. Then CNN would first broadcast it live.

Born: 17.11.1952
Star sign: Scorpio, ascendant Sagittarius
Children: Niko (9), Laura (3)
Musician since: 1982
Self-description: optimistic, self-confident to egocentric
Car: VW bus, green
Dream holiday: None...
Favourite literature: the philosophical books of Wolfgang Struve
Favourite actor: Sean Connery
Favourite TV programme: Kultur heute
Favourite colour: green
Favourite tree: yew
Favourite fairy tale as a child: Bremer Stadtmusikanten
How would you describe your appearance to a blind person? I would ask them to touch me...
Life motto: Going to the boundaries again and again

Do visits like yours help these people?

Solidarity always helps. And I would wish that the Austrian government finally also takes note that Tibet is an occupied country.

Has Hubert von Goisern also met the Dalai Lama?

Yes. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. His charisma is contagious. I have never experienced so much joie de vivre, friendliness and warmth with any other powerful beings. A whole nation looks up to the man.

Have you gone over to Buddhism?

Certainly I am Buddhist in many regards, but I would reluctantly label myself as such. I am simply a spiritual person who has respect for every living thing.

Are you still Catholic?

I have left the Catholic church because a lot is not right for me there. Alone the fact that divorcees have no place in the church shows a picture of God that I do not like. It is also completely absurd that there can only be male priests.

You were not only in Tibet, but also in Africa.

I visited Jane Goodall in Tanzania at the Tanganyika lake and in the mountainous country of the Gombe National Park, she is the British lady who became world famous through her life with wild chimpanzees.

How can you afford your exclusive tours that go on for months?

I have worked hard for many years and made successful music. And I have saved.

Never run up debts?

I have only ever been in debt once in my life: when I wanted to buy an amplifier at the beginning of my career.

What does money mean to you?

Money is a form of energy. That you have it or not does not mean by any means that you are happy or not happy. It is important to use the energy correctly.

How will the years as someone who has opted out find expression in your music?

How is still unclear. But since this time has shaped me a great deal, it will also influence my future work.

How do you feel back in life?

In Tibet and Africa I was a spectator, a guest. Here I rather feel like a landlord. And I also do not have to worry that some lightning head comes along and puts me in prison for no reason. In Tibet such things happen, Tibet is an anti-life country. Against that, Africa is friendly.

Can you also play with children at home without any wanderlust?

I am very happy with my children. With Niko, I like to play football and tennis on video. Since he is against the EU and I am an advocate, heated discussions also always develop.

Does he like your music?

Yes, but at the moment he is on the Beethoven trip.

And Laura?

With my daughter I build huts in the woods. We like to explore nature.

Is your job relationship-friendly?

Hildegard and I did not live together when we had our first child. Then we lived together for a year, but in the time when I was on tour an estrangement happened. Yes, it is not easy to live with an artist.

If you had a wish, what would it be?

That my next project will again be such a great thing as the Alpinkatzen project.

Do you dream of success?

No. But of speaking with Sir Carl Popper about the nature of experiment. All the same, whether it works or not, you should be cleverer afterwards in any case.