Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 2001

The Lion

2001 | Photos: © Sarah Marchant

Bad Ischl: The lions are loose!

Wolfgansee-Ischlerbahn Express, August 2001

The LIONS Club Bad Ischl has existed for 40 years. True to the worldwide LIONS motto "We serve" in these four decades more than 10 million Schillings will be given as aid for individuals, societies and organisations. The Bad Ischl LIONS Club celebrated its 40th birthday with the "Lion Safari 2001". Forty man-made lions were placed at prominent places in Bad Ischl. They should provide enjoyment and topics of discussion for locals and guests. In the picture Hubert von Goisern. He immortalised himself on the "Celebrity Lion", which is already covered with the autographs of famous visitors. Further details of this campaign at Lions Club Bad Ischl.

HvG and Bad Ischl Lion

Autograph on the VIP Lion

OÖN 16th May 2001

The star of the Bad Ischl Folk Music Days was naturally Hubert von Goisern, who was recently awarded the Amadeus, the Austrian music prize in the category of the Best National Solo Artist. Whoever knows the singer knows that he does not mince his words. In a "thank you" speech for the award, he was also not sparing in his criticism of public service broadcasting, above all, the programming of Ö3. But radio director Manfred Jochum and Friedrich Urban, director of the national studio Salzburg argued openly with the criticism. On Saturday evening at a concert in the Kongress and Theaterhaus, the singer and representative of a 'new' folk music entertained with, among others Hundsbuam and played some songs from his CD Trad and could not help putting his autograph on the VIP Lion of the Bad Ischl Lions Club.