Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 1995

A man ... Hubert von Goisern

Brigitte 21/ 95 | Photo: s.e.t.

HvGA long time ago we put the Tyrolean hat that lent itself so splendidly to Hubert von Goisern's alpine rock into mothballs. But we know: the "Alpine Zappa" (Bunte), the "quadrature of billy goats" (Frankfurter Rundschau) has said goodbye in his very personal artistic break.

For 12 months, the man wants to just be one thing: Hubert Achleitner, as he was born 43 years ago in the Austrian clinical health resort Bad Goisern. With lots of time for friends, son (7) and daughter (almost 2). And for the mountains of course. "Experience the seasons," he needs "to search for peace, in order to let melodies develop in me".

Fame, Hubert noticed, has its drawbacks anyway. An autograph hunter pursued him to his grandfather's funeral. That was too much. That is why we do not begrudge him disappearing. Especially as till now Hubert's time-outs have been exceedingly fruitful: if we only take his 7 year travel tour in the 80s. Disappointed by the world (the long-haired rebel fled from the Bad Goisern brass band, a good part of the music scene too artificial to him), he landed finally in the Philippines, where he eavesdropped enraptured on the traditional noseflute and also decided to give the homeland folk music a helping hand. Result: wonderful hits like Hiatamadl and Kuahmelcher. Past, ah, past.

Then just at the right moment, before we commit ourselves completely to sentimentality, Hubert's, for the time being, last bequest reached us: the music from the Vilsmaier film Schlafes Bruder. Dramatic tones, earthy sounds in front of a clear alpine scenery. We are quiet, savouring it and at the final credits, breathe quietly "goodbye". Perhaps we ought to drive to the mountains again. To climb up. The lovely Hubert must certainly be somewhere.