Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 2006

"You have a great opportunity"

Kleine Zeitung 26th April 2006 | Text: Daniele Steflitsch and Ines Kuschnig

The "Students Make the News" project: Two school students from Styria interview Hubert von Goisern

Hubert von GoisernIn open letters you have previously often advocated an open, tolerant society. What is the message behind that?

Europe is on the right course. But our mistrust of foreigners is still wrong. We still often assume that all those who come to us want to take something from us.

Do you have an example?

Sure. When I was young I wanted to work in Germany. 30 years it was nothing like as simple as it is today. Your generation has a great opportunity.

And how does music fit in for you with the subject of Europe?

(Folk) music is the connecting link between nations and cultures! It was this way even centuries ago. And now you find African and American melodies everywhere. There are no borders for music.

What dangers do you see for the future of Europe?

That we make a fortress of Europe and don't let anyone else in. The moment we start to be happy with our own wealth, we have a problem.

Your greatest wish for a united Europe?

I can only stress it once more: fewer borders. One should never be content with what one has achieved. That above all includes: everybody having the opportunity to freely express their opinion. That is an important achievement in our society. We must just be able to listen.