Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 1995


Information Gasteinertal 1995 | Text: Doris Maier

Hubert von Goisern, a star to touch, a person like me or you

Hubert von Goisern"Yodelling is an art form." So says Hubert von Goisern, a welcome guest in Gastein and probably currently the most internationally successful yodeller of the alpine republic. His most recent record (Obenundunten was partly recorded at an old farm in Gastein, and last summer the Hiatamadl interpreter gave an open air concert with his Alpinkatzen band in Sportgestein.

A great concert with colossal atmosphere. Shame that the Goiserer now wants to depart from the concert scene for at least a year. A creative break for new ideas. The man from Salzburg is already active in film and fashion. So Hubert von Goisern changes business, we change words and themes: a word change to very special keywords.

Hubert von Goisern on yodelling

I learned yodelling from a music cassette and in fact from a tape on which Sabine, our singer with the Alpinkatzen, had yodelled. At that time Sabine was 12 or 13 years old, and I thought that yodelling had something so percussive and driving that I must also learn to do it. As a pragmatist I then tried with the cassette and Walkman, but the famous hiccups did not quite want it so yet.

It was also terrible for my fellow citizens, similar to when someone is learning to play the violin. It cracks and squeaks and is enough to make you cringe, it is exactly the same with yodelling. Then on a tour in Regensburg, I went onto a railway bridge and yodelled there for an hour. I did not hear myself once because of the loud volume around me, but from then on I was free and relieved. When you practise something like that, then you cannot be ashamed when it does not work perfectly.


The record Obenundunten was produced very high above and very deep below. The highest recordings were at 2100m on the Hundstoa in Pinzgau, the lowest recordings in Flachland near Cologne. We also recorded songs in Böckstein. There was also an over and under in my life at this time. I was suddenly famous and had to learn to handle it. There were also familiar highs and lows, that is why the title is meant emotionally and geographically.

Gold and platinum

When you have it as I do, then it certainly not as important as when one has not yet reached it. Gold and triple platinum is not as important to me today as it was before. It is much more important to me that the things I want to say with my songs get hold of the men and women. The main thing is that I have brought that across to the people on my record.


That is something that takes time. It simply takes too long to tie up the shoes. You can't slip in or out with a Goiserer with tied up laces, that's why I don't have any shoelaces. The Goiserer is also good for me because I always have the feeling that I can simply "get away", into open country, because I don't like walking on the street.

With other shoes, you are always worrying: just don't get dirty. And with the Goiserer, if they are well looked after, you don't ever get wet. But earlier I only seldom put on my Goiserers because of the lace bindery. Then I bought a pair of Goiserers at the shoemaker without tongues or laces. And I put on my Goiserers without laces almost every day.


Somewhat a relic, his tail up there is perhaps the product of a tradition, but somehow funny too, when you stand above. A comical symbol of male potency.


I think it's terrible if you buy a razor in order to maintain a beard of always exactly the same length. I had a beard for ten years because shaving got on my nerves. I shaved just once a year in order to see that everything still looked the same underneath. Then I simply wanted to see my face more often, and since then I have shaved once a week.


I don't want to while away the time at all. I would prefer that times comes and that it will be more, than I while it away, relaxation is certainly an important time which one simply needs. There are also times again, where one has more time available, to read, go walking, hiking, or mountain climbing.

Hubert von Goisern wants to take this time in future - and also more time for his family. That is the reason for the temporary departure from tours.