Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 1995

Hubert von Goisern - The star who has remained a person

Neue Dachsteinpost 04/1995 | Text: Christina Grabner

The musician with a great affection for children is currently dedicating himself with heart and soul to a film music project, in which the younger generation stand in the centre.

Hubert von Goisern's rapid rise as lyricist, composer and interpreter of four CDs and a good many singles has made a star in demand across Austria out of the young rebel once expelled from the Goisern town band. Nonetheless he is impressive because of his natural appearance, openness in personal as public matters and unusual life philosophy, which was conclusively shaped by his stay abroad of several years among other things. The native music of the Filipino Kalinga has above all influenced the trained chemistry laboratory assistant, who elicits native, moving sounds equally from a trumpet, accordion and guitar and who has passionately liked singing since his school choir experience, in his search for his characteristic, unmistakeable style. During his six months abroad in the southeast Asian island kingdom, he taught the children of the tribe Austrian folk music and taught them to yodel.

Hubert von GoisernThe sensitive artist will also dedicate the next busy months to a project with children. Together with child stars and the director Wolfram Paulus from Großarl, Hubert von Goisern will namely be working on the film Ein Rucksack voller Lügen. In 1996 the proud father of two children will produce a CD for Greenpeace together with international renowned colleagues. The lyrics of the pieces on it are written by children and tell of the ecological situation of our Earth. Further, Hubert will create the music for the two part Eine steirische Fernsehgeschichte, which the Styrian Julian Pölsler is directing. The film is about the influence of television on the residents of a small Styrian mountain village and critically and humorously shows the socially and communicatively changing power of our modern mass media.

The nature-loving musician most likes to spend his free time with the reorganisation of his house in Bad Goisern, which he arranges consciously simply. As he says himself, and as is also expressed in his songs Goisern and Wieder hoam, he never wants to lose the relationship with his hometown, even though he also always needs the town as balance and inspiration for his work. On condition of his vocation, he is in Munich, Salzburg and Vienna a lot, where you "can disappear into the crowd", but since his retirement from the stage, he spends most of his time in the Salzkammergut.

As an advocate of an equilibrium between healthy regionalism and European openness he supports a policy of the mutual respect. He sees the increasing radicalisation of political language as a danger, because envy, hate and concepts of an enemy result from it. To the question of what he thinks about the imminent national council elections, Hubert says that you should "not just vote with the head or with gut instinct, but with the heart too, but vote in any case."

"Tolerance, social justice, as well as ecological economy are indisputable building blocks of our landscape, of whose beauty and variety we can be rightly proud. I like this country and its people, and especially the Salzkammergut. Everything is very normal in Goisern. I like being there. I can can say exactly what comes into my head there!" enthuses the singer about his hometown area. And he also sings exactly what comes into his head, which does not least constitute his trademark and popularity in the whole German-speaking area. When playing music, for him it is most of all about "singing out", about "letting out certain feelings and moods". Through that he comes into contact with his audience, touches them in his individual way, in which he lets them share in his feeling of being alive, moves them to "open up", to feel and think. Hubert von Goisern doe not sing for a certain target audience, but wants to speak to all, young and old, no matter which social class or other group they belong to. His almost esoteric life philosophy contains a timeless, eternally valid message, namely that everything is connected to everything.

In his natural way, Hubert von Goisern has always remained faithful to himself and his life's work - to please his fellow men with music and words. Despite family resistance and vocational bottlenecks at the beginning of his career, he did not let himself be diverted from his goal of becoming a musician, an admirable perseverance which he calls "stubbornness" and which led him to success. Apart from this stubbornness and the fortune to have been in the right place at the right time, the star born under Scorpio characterises his recipe for success as his refusal "to copy anyone" and his "laziness to learn something that somebody else can already do", although he admits to having several musical models.

On account of his diverse projects, Hubert von Goisern will not be giving any live concerts in the near future. But in 1997 there should be a tour and new CD, which can expect just as big a success as his CDs before now.