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Miscellaneous: 2014

That's me - Hubert von Goisern in conversation with Prof. Heinz Nussbaumer

6th May 2014 | Photo: © Franz Neumayr

Heinz Nussbaumer and Hubert von GoisernOn 23rd May dioceses across Austria and in neighbouring countries will be celebrating "The Long Night of the Churches" with music and diverse cultural programmes. Hinterbrühl Parish Church is opening its doors for a special evening and will be welcoming star guest Hubert von Goisern for a conversation about his life, his music - and his spiritual desires and encounters with the world's great religions.

The Hinterbrühl gospel choir Voice Rejoice under the direction of Christian Riegelsperger will frame the conversation between Hubert von Goisern and Heinz Nußbaumer with American spirituals, African gospel songs and hymns from the Orthodox Church - three cultural spheres that Hubert von Goisern knows and esteems.

Heinz Nußbaumer, longtime organiser of the "Long Night" in Hinterbrühl, says of Hubert von Goisern, with whom he has been good friends for many years: "For me, Hubert von Goisern is the only living Austrian musician who time and again unites not just continents and generations, but diverse cultures too with his songs and compositions. On his extensive tours he has seen the hardship in many parts of the world up close. His music, his statements and his concrete actions - including those for SOS Children's Village - are a reflection of his special social engagements. An exciting evening awaits us!"

Long Night of the Churches 2014

Friday, 23rd May in the Pfarrkirche Hinterbrühl - Free admission

19.30: Welcome address by Pastor P. Mag. Elmar Pitterle SVD
19.40: Festive prelude: Drum group - Robert Kern, Johannes Riegelsperger and Rainer Gartner
19.50: Hubert von Goisern - "That's me": The world musician in conversation with Heinz Nussbaumer
21.00: Gospel choir "Voice Rejoice": Songs and spirituals from three continents. Director: Christian Riegelsperger
21.30: Singing into the night with Helga Löschnig

Hubert von Goisern and Prof. Heinz Nußbaumer at the Long Night of the Churches

26th May 2014
Hubert von Goisern and Prof. Heinz Nußbaumer

Musician Hubert von Goisern: "I'm a religious person"

Kathpress 23rd May 2014

World musician Hubert von Goisern talks to Kathpress as part of the Long Night of the Churches about his personal religiosity, Catholic socialisation, love for Mount Athos and regard for Pope Francis and the new Archbishop of Salzburg

"Religion plays a large role in my life": musician Hubert von Goisern emphasised in conversation with Kathpress during the Long Night of the Churches. He invariably feels closer to religious people than areligious people and purposefully seeks out churches as "places of strength", von Goisern says. He experienced a "Catholic socialisation" in the Salzkammergut, through his grandmother in particular and became acquainted with the Christian faith in that way.

Today though he sees the Christian church in its institutional manifestation as more of a "necessary evil". Thus "many forms and formulations of prayer" rub him up the wrong way, as well as sermons and the "claim of exclusivity" the churches assert in matters of healing. Nonetheless, a connection remains, not least due to his Christian socialisation, shown for example in the fact that still today an element of the Eucharistic Prayer particularly touches him and appeals to him as prayer: "Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed."

Von Goisern regards the papacy of Pope Francis in a positive light. "It's great, the way in which the Pope lives his vocation. And I'm very happy with the election of Frank Lackner to be the new Archbishop of Salzburg", von Goisern says.

A particular "place of strength" for him is Mount Athos, which he has twice walked together with Catholic publisher Heinz Nußbaumer. His interest in it was awakened by Nußbaumer's book Der Mönch in mir (The Monk In Me). What particularly moved him at Athos, was that this mountain "has been conferred holy status through the prayers that have been said there for centuries".

Asked about the Eurovision Song Contest, von Goisern says that he regrets that is has become a "pure spectacle". He once competed with his song Heast as net, but didn't reach the top 100 at the Austrian prequalification. "I'm afraid I'm not compatible with the Song Contest," the musician answers when asked whether he would compete for Austria next year. The winning Austrian song Rise like a Phoenix appeals to him, but von Goisern says that artist Conchita Wurst as an alter ego, had him "at the boundaries of his tolerance".

For the Long Night of the Churches Hubert von Goisern was interviewed by his friend Heinz Nußbaumer in the parish Hinterbrühl near Vienna. Together they shone a kaleidoscopic light on the musician's multifaceted life, his time and experiences abroad.