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Miscellaneous: 2005

Jane Goodall yodels with Hubert von Goisern

Wirtschaftsblatt 16th November 2005 | Text: Erich Gerbl

Award ceremony: World famous chimpanzee research scientist is honoured in the museum

Jane Goodall and Hubert von Goisern

(L-R) Bernd Lötsch, John McGregor, Sarvenas Enayati, Jane Goodall,
Gerhard Schweter and Hubert von Goisern

Vienna. It was the high point of the evening. The world famous primate research scientist Jane Goodall sang a duet with chimpanzee sounds with Hubert von Goisern. A friendship unites the pair. Hubert von Goisern became acquainted with Goodall during a snowstorm in his hometown.

However, it was not the musical interlude with which the Briton filled the Kuppelhalle of the Natural History Museum. The scientist and United Nations ambassador for peace was honoured for her engagement in Tanzania. The project founded by the Briton is called "Takare". It is a training programme for women and adolescents.

The Two Wings Award was given to the most important investigator of apes by the president of the Two Wings Network, Gerhard Schweter. Karl-Heinz Böhm and "Wüstenblume" Waris Dirie, who lives in Vienna, are among previous Two Wings Award prizewinners.

Goodall was in Austria for a prize-giving two years ago. At that time she received the state prize for environmentalism together with Bishop Kräutler. 

Vegetarian buffet

The British ambassador John McGregor outed himself as one of the many fans of the scientist. He called the Briton an "institution" who looks for the connection to the young. According to the motto "animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends" and as a sign of the deference to the charismatic scientist, Two Wings kept the concluding buffet meat-free.

Among the 200 guests were Guido Colard, chairman of the Partner Bank, Renate Csörgits, vice president of the ÖGB, Peter Dusek, president of Freunde der Wiener Staatsoper, Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein, the board of directors of the Partner Bank, Farmarz Ettehadieh with wife Bahia, Imperial Finanzgruppe, Sarvenas Enayati, chief executive of the Two Wings foundation, the Countesses Pia and Gabriele Herberstein, painter Maria Lahr, PR manager Eva Walderdorff, Peter Scheithauer from the M&A Bank and host Bernd Lötsch.

Two Wings Award 2005

Two Wings November 2005 | Photo:

Jane Goodall and Hubert von GoisernDr. Gerhard Schweter, President of the Two Wings Network, was able to welcome more than two hundred guests to the impressive ceremonial act in the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. 

After contributions from the Ambassador of Great Britain, John McGregor, and Prof. Dr. Bernd Lötsch (Director of the museum) and a reading by actress Mijou Kovacs, cosmopolitan and musician Hubert von Goisern recalled how he met and came to value Jane Goodall – incidentally, in a snow storm in Goisern.

The climax of the evening was surely the "duet" from Jane Goodall and Hubert von Goisern with chimpanzee sounds.