Hubert von Goisern


Miscellaneous: 2018

Here's to popular culture! What kind of art do the people want?

22nd October 2018

Volkstheater conversation

The people are in. Art should be made for the people, the people should be represented on stage. But who are the people? What does art that corresponds to the will of the people look like? Which criteria should be fulfilled by art?

ProSieben.Sat1.PULS4 Information Manager Corinna Milborn will be exploring this on 28th October at 11:00 in the Rote Bar of the Vienna Volkstheater along with the singer-songwriter Hubert von Goisern, musician Eva Jantschitsch (of the Gustav project) and writer Michael Köhlmeier.

"Volkstheatergespräche" is a conversation series, which began in October 2016. Corinna Milborn and celebrity guests from science, activism and the arts debate current questions on refugees and right-wing populism, security and democracy, feminism in times of a racist mainstream and conservative backlashes, the defence of wealth, political participation and the future of work. Ultimately, the focus is on issues of political relevance that are considered away from the hectic and superficial nature of day-to-day political business.

Hoch die Volkskultur! Welche Kunst will das Volk?
Sunday, 28th October, 11:00 | Free tickets:
Rote Bar, Volkstheater, Arthur-Schnitzler-Platz 1, 1070 Wien