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World Heritage Congress 2013

14th October 2013 | Photo: © Double M Pressefotos

Hubert von Goisern as guest of honour at the 5th World Heritage Congress

Hubert von Goisern and Moderator Günther Madlberger

HALLSTATT. For three days the fifth World Heritage Congress revolved around the subject of "World Heritage value system: Work, Tourism, Culture". The World Heritage Region wants to shape its future as part of an international economic region, for example with attractive offers in tourism and hoteliery. At the same time, it is necessary to take care of existing resources and to pay attention to the growing social value system. These priorities were considered at the 5th World Heritage Congress from very different sides. [...] Aside from distinguished speakers and the mayors of the World Heritage Region, President of the Austrian UNESCO Commission, Eva Novotny, also welcomed Hubert von Goisern as guest of honour at the opening ceremony in the Goiserer Mühle. In conversation with moderator Günther Madlberger, the singer was asked about the idea of a role as an official World Heritage Ambassador and responded, "I'm the wrong one for that. Then it would be: "He has to say that"," because, von Goisern continued: "Anything as beautiful as our region doesn't need an outlet, you have to live it. Lyrics don't come to me up on mountains with beautiful sunsets, or on lakes in the morning sun, instead it's mostly where it hurts, where freedom is a desire, not an experienced right! This is the feeling we should impart and give to the visitors! [...] Tips 41/13