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Hubert von Goisern - FÖN

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  • 1. drawig
  • 2. da dåsige
  • 3. katholisch
  • 4. da diab
  • 5. ång'låcht
  • 6. spåt
  • 7. fön
  • 8. kålt
  • 9. die stråss'n
  • 10. weh toan tuat's auf jeden fall
  • 11. mercedes benz
  • 12. fia di
  • Ω h   u  d  © e  ¢ i  ä  r  ® s

it took longer than i thought until i was able to develop the music presented here. after the success of the Alpinkatzen project time was necessary, time to ground myself, time for my family, for travelling and new experiences. i am thinking of the encounters with jane goodall, as well as the collaboration with tibetan musicians, which resulted in the albums Gombe and Inexil two years ago.
it is since then that i've had the desire to produce something of my own again. but i didn't start to compose until last autumn, the lyrics came in the spring and we spent the summer in the studio.
it sounds very simple and in a certain sense, it is, but music and lyrics are like love. you can long for them, be open for them - they're always there; but discovering them cannot be achieved through desire and effort alone. they demand everything of us, they demand extraordinary effort to forget our effort - yes, forget ourselves, then from making music, making lyrics and making love comes music-playing, poetry and loving.
such moments elude observation from outside. but we can all participate when we forget the world around us and in us: listening within and to ourselves.
i can never hold it, because it isn't possible to own music, poetry or love. and that's why i'm looking forward to the concerts, to playing, to singing, to the audience, to the listeners - to you all.

Salzburg in September 2000

Golden Fön

After expeditions through Tibet and Africa, the studio album Fön was released in 2000 after a long break from the stage. A whole spectrum of influences comes together in the twelve songs. With funky guitar, reggae rhythms jazz elements Hubert von Goisern returns to his very own kind of folk music.

On 8th November 2000 Hubert von Goisern awarded a gold disc for sales of 25,000 albums.

Fön goes gold

Back (L-R) : Heidi List (Head of Virgin Austria), Helmut Punzenberger, Arnulf Lindner, Hubert von Goisern, Bernd Bechtloff and Burkhard Frauenlob
Front (L-R) : Gerhild Malorny (Lawine and HvG management), Hage Hein (Lawine and HvG management) and Dunja Stachl (Head of Promotion)

Success without a break

Salzburger Nachrichten 17th January 2001 | Text: bef

The Goiserer receives a gold disc in Salzburg

As if he had never been away. Hubert von Goisern holds the gold disc for 25,000 copies of his current CD in his hands and says thank you: "I hope that we can now also show live that we have earned this." The current album, Fön, lets the break of six years since the last Goiserer appearance apparently disappear for the public.

This equally also shows with the ticket demand for the tour which starts at the beginning of March. "The advance booking are running very well," says manager Hage Hein. Above all in Germany the fan community of the Goiserer stays loyal. The Circus Krone in Munich is already sold out twice for the appearances in the middle of April. "Hubert will not only be perceived as a musician, but also a charismatic person, as somebody who has something to connect that exceeds songs," says Hein.