Steilklänge - Anchor point 21: Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Repeat: 16 July 2022 - 12:00

Steilklänge – Radio für Schwindelfreie (Top Sounds - Radio for those with a head for heights) produced and presented by Hubert von Goisern is a must for those looking to broaden their musical horizons. Twice a month the musician takes his listeners on both musical adventures, and poetic and philosophical journeys through time.


Hubert von Goisern - Steilklänge, Episode 21
  • Simon Geigenmusi / Goiserer Pascher
    Steirer Schleuniger-Pasch
  • Fiddlin' Red Herron - Legends of the Fiddle
    Sally Goodin'
  • Curly Fox - Legends of the Fiddle
    Black Mountain Rag
  • Chubby Wise - Legends of the Fiddle
    Cacklin' Hen
  • Simon-Geigenmusi mit Paschern - Singendes, Klingendes Salzkammergut
    Salzkammergut-Landler mit Pasch
  • Greg Leisz - The Big E: A Salute to Steel Guitarist Buddy Emmons
    Wild Mountain Thyme
  • Bobby Hicks - Texas Crapshooter
    Texas Crapshooter
  • Flaco Jiménez - Flaco's First
    Negra Traición
  • Yodeling Slim Clark
    When You're Blue, Just Yodel (DNF)
    Yodel Your Troubles Away (DNF)
  • Die Steeger Dirndln - Singendes, klingendes Salzkammergut
    Zizipe Kohlmoasn
  • Boozoo Chavis - Kings of Zydeco
    Toot Toot
  • Simon Geigenmusi mit Paschern - Singendes, Klingendes Salzkammergut
    Pernegger Quadrill

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