Steilklänge - Anchor point 21: Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Repeat: 16 July 2022 - 12:00

Steilklänge – Radio für Schwindelfreie (Top Sounds - Radio for those with a head for heights) produced and presented by Hubert von Goisern is a must for those looking to broaden their musical horizons. Listen in as the musician takes his audience on both musical adventures, and poetic and philosophical journeys through time.


Hubert von Goisern - Steilklänge, Episode 21
  • Simon Geigenmusi / Goiserer Pascher
    Steirer Schleuniger-Pasch
  • Fiddlin' Red Herron - Legends of the Fiddle
    Sally Goodin'
  • Curly Fox - Legends of the Fiddle
    Black Mountain Rag
  • Chubby Wise - Legends of the Fiddle
    Cacklin' Hen
  • Simon-Geigenmusi mit Paschern - Singendes, Klingendes Salzkammergut
    Salzkammergut-Landler mit Pasch
  • Greg Leisz - The Big E: A Salute to Steel Guitarist Buddy Emmons
    Wild Mountain Thyme
  • Bobby Hicks - Texas Crapshooter
    Texas Crapshooter
  • Flaco Jiménez - Flaco's First
    Negra Traición
  • Yodeling Slim Clark
    When You're Blue, Just Yodel (DNF)
    Yodel Your Troubles Away (DNF)
  • Die Steeger Dirndln - Singendes, klingendes Salzkammergut
    Zizipe Kohlmoasn
  • Boozoo Chavis - Kings of Zydeco
    Toot Toot
  • Simon Geigenmusi mit Paschern - Singendes, Klingendes Salzkammergut
    Pernegger Quadrill

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