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Hubert von Goisern - TRAD II

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Trad II

  • 1. kohler
  • 2. de gamserln
  • 3. da insrige
  • 4. in's birig
  • 5. wiederum dahin
  • 6. meraner
  • 7. s'büscherl
  • 8. abend spat
  • 9. halt oder ...
  • 10. hedidi
  • 11. eiszapfen
  • 12. krippensteiner
  • 13. schützenmarsch
  • 14. schönberger

this production developed from an affection; an affection for this landscape and its folk music in general, and for the yodel melodies and songs presented here in particular. an affection that is admittedly not without tension. my handling of what has been passed down is therefore not a homage, but always respectful - and above all full of relish.

recorded and mixed between january and march 2003 in the disused krippenstein mountain hotel on the dachstein plateau, at 2100 metres above sea level.
why on krippenstein?
because it's there
because there's a hotel on this mountain.
because it was a challenge to play and produce music in this ethereal, stripped down, isolated and unbelievably impressive natural landscape.
because such a place soothes the senses. the eye, the ear:
everything becomes more sensitive.

and so we came together: musicians from four different countries: italy, germany, switzerland and austria, to play melodies that have their origins in the surrounding valleys. we had a wonderful time. you could become addicted to such situations.
i could certainly.

in the last trad booklet i wrote: "... placing no claim on correctness or being exemplary with my adaptations".
it didn't help. nonetheless there was criticism from the ranks of the 200 per centers. for example it was wrong that the songs were not sung by several voices. because that is an important characteristic of our musical tradition. i admit, in this respect, i don't give a shit.
i simply sing and play the way I enjoy. and I think that lyrics and stories suffer when performed by multiple voices. aside from that, when listening to the songs everyone can and should sing the the voice that they like to it.
caution! in the presence of Mupo's (music police) these recordings can lead to fierce arguments because of their free adaptation.

Hubert von Goisern

Hubert von Goisern: Trad 2 - A studio above the winter mountains

Alpenpost 21st February 2003 | Photos: © Dachstein Tourismus AG

Hubert von Goisern used the temporarily closed rooms of the old Berghotel Krippenstein above 2000m
to record a continuation of his successful CD Trad

Hubert von Goisern and the "Trad 2" team

Unusual music demands special places. Hubert von Goisern fulfilled a special wish when he decided to produce his new CD in the middle of the Salzkammergut mountain world. The Berghotel Krippenstein on the heights of the Dachstein, which is only washed round by the winter ski traffic during the day seemed an ideal place for this. During a few weeks in January and February, he invited his musicians to the snow-covered heights. During the day they use the opportunity to take the necessary inspiration wafting in the deep snow of the high alpine open country. After 17.00, when the Krippenstein train stops its traffic, the quiet (because temporarily closed) Berghotel Krippenstein becomes a sound studio, and in night-long sessions, the new album arises.

Hubert von Goisern is pleased to be producing this music just here, where it belongs and where it has its origins. Because with the project Trad (after "traditionell" or the English genre description "traditional" - songs from the people, tunes without composer and author) it is about the music of his homeland, close friends since the days of his Salzkammergut childhood. That he is working on newly interpreting the old tunes today after a great career and brilliant success probably has its reasons. For a rediscovery and new discovery, the viewpoint needs distance: in order to emboss what is handed down with something of your own, you must stand a little "above" - above all conventions, out of touch with the flats. Seen this way, the Krippenstein seems an ideal standpoint.

Hubert von Goisern and the "Trad 2" team

(L-R) Christian "Balou" Fahrner, Monika Drasch, Hubert von Goisern, Max Lässer, Burgi Höller,
Bernd Bechtloff, Marlene Schuen, Arnulf Lindner, Wolfgang Spannberger