Iawaramoi (Sometimes)

H. v. Goisern

Boys stand together in a circle
I'll tell you what I know
Light up a pipe
Those who can smoke it

in the paper you can read what's happened
but whether or not it's true, is not certain
because everyone lies nowadays
and he who doesn't lie is the most stupid
a boy kills his father and his mother too
and a sister strangles her brother
Serbs and Croats are shooting again
I mean, I can't take it any more, I drink and drink

in a pub Haider nags like a preacher
against those lazy-bones and those fare dodgers
Communist and the whole pack
he tells those people, that's class
while the ex-Goiserer scolds so beautifully
a thousand people are dying down in Africa
but we have enough to eat and drink
let's make sure it stays this way and let's close the hut

sometimes one guy stands up and says i don't give a shit
i've had enough now, I want my peace; and
sometimes he takes his gun and says to somebody:
come here you fool, I'll blow you out of your shoes!
sometimes a bomb flies from the right side
these are times when everybody's fighting
sometimes my boy then asks me:
hey father, just tell me
who are the stupid, who are the smart?

whether Croats or Serbs
all must die
whether Croat or Serb
each is a waste


Goassbeitl Bauernbuam (Goats' Balls Farmer Boys)

Trad. / H. v. Goisern

a semolina dumpling and a liver dumpling
didn't get on at all
the semolina dumpling hit the liver dumpling
off the edge of the stove

a brand new dance floor
a screaming high violin
a raspberry-blackberry-elderberry pudding
soon the sun shines, you must often mow the hay

a hip-hop heaven chick, ankle flappers
a gleaming, blue-green shining bloodshot nose
a great big huge hole in the shirt
on sunday joe was on tenterhooks
a migrant bird flock on a pear tree blooming
a strange, hideous, beautiful bunch of hair
a 5/4 inch thick double dowel tin lid
that slang has to be forbidden!

you goat's ball-farmer boys have no cream
and you can't stir it
and because you don't have a handsome labourer
that's why no girl will stay


Spinni (Am I Mad?)

H. v. Goisern

am I mad or am I dreaming
hey, what's up with you?
do you think I'm stupid
hey, how are you speaking to me?
perhaps you have a beautiful villa
and a red BMW
but I still don't like
your dirty tricks, hey hey

you're not cold, you're not warm
you always turn with the wind
and if you don't like something
they always hear about it behind their backs
you have no pride, you have no shame
you never go to the centre, never to the edge
and everything you give
is your very weak hand

do you understand, do you know what I mean
a mountain is nothing but a great big stone
but up on the peak, that's what I always say
is much more beautiful than down in the valley

do I stay or do I go
tell me
someone where to go
Rome or Paris
or perhaps even to Berlin
San Francisco, Moscow, Cairo
it's all too far for me
all this flying around
costs me my time

do you understand ...

such an idiot!



Music: Hoagy Carmichael, Lyrics: Stuart Gorrell / German lyrics: H. v. Goisern

goisern, goisern
it's a shame
every time I must return to you
otherwise I can't take it
no, otherwise I can't take it

goisern, goisern
you give no peace
your mountains and your meadows
they simply belong
to me

somewhere else
is often enjoyable for me
but then quite unexpectedly
something suddenly stirs in me
and back, back I must come to you

goisern, goisern
I like you
and I also like your simple
and old-fashioned


Kokain-Blues (Cocaine Blues)

Music: Rev. Gary Davis / German lyrics: H. v. Goisern

Recently I was down with the doctor in the hospital
he looked briefly up my nose and said: very fatal
because the way I see it, you're a real snowman!

You take Mizzi and I Marie
I never notice the difference
after a pinch, either is right

You go to heaven and I go to hell
and when we're back again
then we'll quickly take
just a pinch, just a pinch of snow

hey mama come over to me, I'm so stoned
and can't find the door to go outside anymore
I've got cocaine in my brain

Recently in the morning, I crawled out of my bed
I looked briefly in the mirror and my nose was gone
from one pinch, from one alone this doesn't happen

I've got cocaine in my brain...
in the meadow lies fresh snow
hollaredldudié, so beautiful


Landlertanz (Country Dance)

H. v. Goisern

Peppi sets off
and goes to San Francisco
where he gives a lecture in a psychodelic disco
everybody's talking 'bout the big motherfucker
tell me is it really true
it can't go on like this
with this inbreeding, this is clear
any idiot can rap
he says to the dj
we'll sing you a country dance
you can feel in your balls

not everyone can dance a country dance
I can't myself, but my brothers do it well

he barges through to Africa
to a jungle tribe
there he asks quite cavalierly
of the first black man
hey, where do you meet
hey, where do you gather
you know what I mean
with dancing and drumming
I want a bit of action
replies the proud fighter: those times have gone
you've come too late with your aviator

you were there yesterday and again today
if you come every day, you'll get on my nerves
the preacher cries out and enjoys it so
and the verger sings 'til the snot runs!

he thinks to himself, those who don't want to
you can't force them
perhaps in Japan I'll find someone
for clapping and singing
but as the devil wants it
they sing really fast
but unfortunately only ever
something from sound of music

not everyone can dance a country dance
I can't myself, but my brothers do it well

Goisern lies in a valley, that's what I always say
there's beautiful girls there, that's where I want to be

up and up in the Traun bounce the stones
and not one street urchin does anything to me

Country dance-like, Pinzgau-like, hugging, as soon as it's dark,
if only it was dark soon, so nobody could see us

soon we must sit together, there'll be thunder and lightning,
we must stick together too, otherwise the revelry will come to an end


Gott Erhalts (God Preserve)

Music: Josef Haydn / Lyrics: H. v. Goisern (with the phrase "god preserve, god protect")

god preserve, god protect
our dream of the kingdom of heaven
pippi longstocking, wurstelprater,
each goldfish his pond

god preserve, god protect
the whole flock of birds for us
police and fraudsters
daisies wonderful!

god preserve, god protect
our country and our living
our priests and our popes
and above all the sins
rather home in the kingdom
heavenwards on the way of the cross
than eternally with the fools
just always going round in circles

god preserve, god protect
our kaiser, our Franz
Schubert, Klammer, Beckenbauer
god protect the birdie dance
but morals don't protect us
and neither does civic duty
we'd rather have beer and schmaltz
and god preserve our salt
god preserve our salt, god preserve our salt
god preserve our salt


Wieder Hoam (Home Again)

H. v. Goisern

when the sun sets behind the trees
and around the world slowly quietens
up in the sky above me
stars light up as brightly as your eyes

when in the night my thoughts become pictures
which blow like the wind over the schneeberg
when the mist shifts in the valley
when a bird flies over the lake
and slowly draws over

then I want to be home again at last
want to go to my boy, to my little girl
want to feel your hand on me


Ganz Alloan (All Alone)

Music: Telonius Monk, Lyrics: H. v. Goisern

I'm all alone, know what I mean
just me and my accordion

all around me just meadow and sun
and half a litre of schnapps

I drink, I quite simply drink and drink
yeah, I drink and drink

'cause up on the pasture, with the cows and calves
I'll tell you something, there's the blues

the girl is gone, I'm not doing well
listen, I'll shoot myself right now

but the bullet flies past my head
flies right past


Oben und Unten (Up and Down)

H. v. Goisern

one day you're up and one day you're down
one day you're lost and one day you're found
one day you're someone and one day you're nothing and then the dogs get you

one day you've a penny, one day you've a pound
and immediately you're in debt again
the wheel keeps turning
but you seldom get any smarter

but as long as the music keeps playing
and the jug's full of beer
let's stay sitting a while
and sometimes we'll shout with delight

whether you push or pull
or must pray or lie down
soon you must eat, soon you must drink
soon nothing goes, soon everything goes

are you an ox or a cow
are you a man or a woman
are you a woman or a man
everybody gets whipped at some point

but as long as the music keeps playing
and the jug's full of beer
let's stay sitting a while
and sometimes we'll shout with delight

but as long as ...



Trad., H. v. Goisern / R. Stranzinger / S. Engel / W. Maier

a schleiniger, a schleiniger, a schleiniger must be
so no stupid hunter boy dances in

I'll throw my hat in the river and jump in myself
because my old sweetheart doesn't love me anymore

hop hop hop hop hop hop today's there no sin
and I've looked in the calendar and today the wind's blowing