Hubert von Goisern



03.11.18 Brenna tuats schon lang Bergfilmfestival
22.10.18 Miscellaneous Volkstheater conversation
01.10.18 Culture Award Application period now open
07.09.18 Discography Dialekt's mi
14.08.18 Hubert's Desk Over the hill - what next?
29.06.18 Come, let's sing! Hubert von Goisern in search of new songs
14.06.18 Culture Award Award ceremony 2018
30.05.18 Miscellaneous Discussion: Running out of time
24.05.18 Culture Award Hubert von Goisern Culture Award
30.04.18 Miscellaneous Interview with HvG and Konstantin Wecker
29.04.18 Alpenliebe Alpenliebe exhibition re-opened
20.02.18 News Amadeus Awards 2018 nomination
07.01.18 Greenland Gegen die Stille: Video
01.01.18 Miscellaneous Hubert von Goisern macht Schule: Video
04.12.17 Hubert's Desk Conchita - Can't you hear how time flies?
23.11.17 Miscellaneous Come, let's sing!
17.11.17 Miscellaneous HvG turns 65
Happy birthday, Hubert!
01.09.17 Linz Europe Tour 10 year retrospect: Bratislava - Linz
23.08.17 Linz Europe Tour 10 year retrospect: Mohacs - Belgrade - Novi Sad
19.08.17 Linz Europe Tour 10 year retrospect: Budapest
10.08.17 Linz Europe Tour 10 year retrospect: Upstream
02.08.17 Linz Europe Tour 10 year retrospect: Sulina - Sfântu Gheorghe - Tulcea
25.07.17 Linz Europe Tour 10 year retrospect: Galati - Izmail - Vylkove
18.07.17 Linz Europe Tour 10 year retrospect: Ruse - Silistra - Braila
12.07.17 Linz Europe Tour 10 year retrospect: Iron Gate - Orsova - Vidin
11.07.17 Federn Live Album review
08.07.17 Linz Europe Tour 10 year retrospect: Osijek - Vukovar
29.06.17 Linz Europe Tour 10 year retrospect: Melk - Regensburg - Passau
20.06.17 Linz Europe Tour 10 year retrospect: Wallsee - Vienna
02.06.17 Federn Live Review
20.05.17 Federn Live Album review
18.05.17 Federn Live CD review
17.05.17 Federn Live Review
15.05.17 Federn Live Video: Album review
12.05.17 Federn Live Interview: Video clip 6 - Language
08.05.17 Federn Live Album review
05.05.17 Federn Live Interview: Video clip 5 - Protest
04.05.17 Federn Live Album review
03.05.17 Federn Live Review
Alpenliebe Alpenliebe exhibition reopened
28.04.17 Federn Live Interview: Video clip 4 - Self-image
24.04.17 Federn Live Interview with HvG
23.04.17 Federn Live Album review
21.04.17 Federn Live CD review
Federn Live Interview: Video clip 3 - Clichés
Federn Live Lyrics and English translations
18.04.17 Goisern goes USA Video
14.04.17 Federn Live Interview: Video clip 2 - Challenges
07.04.17 Federn Live Interview: Video clip 1 - The traveller
29.03.17 Federn Live New live album
02.03.17 Huberts Desk Who's batty and nuts here?
13.02.17 Greith Haus An evening with Hubert von Goisern
09.02.17 Miscellaneous Hubert von Goisern at Greith Haus
23.01.17 Miscellaneous Interview at Greith Haus
05.01.17 Shop Der Welt entlang
01.01.17 Hubert's Desk Post
Goisern goes USA Video
24.12.16 Licht ins Dunkel Video: Wieder hoam & Es wird scho glei dumpa
15.12.16 Licht ins Dunkel Photo
14.12.16 Licht ins Dunkel Video: Heute leben
10.12.16 Licht ins Dunkel Live stream (13th Dec)
05.12.16 Miscellaneous Interview with HvG
27.11.16 Miscellaneous Music for the free of thought
22.11.16 Hubert's Desk Open letter to John Otti Band and Norbert Hofer
14.11.16 Miscellaneous The Goiserer calls for singing
13.11.16 Federn Tour 2016 Video: Interview with HvG
09.11.16 Licht ins Dunkel Video
30.10.16 Hubert's Desk October 2016
28.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Video: "Snowdown" live in New York
27.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 München: The blues is dark blue
Miscellaneous Licht ins Dunkel - Light into the Dark
24.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Karlsruhe: Gallery link
23.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Karlsruhe: Cajun and blues from Upper Austria
22.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Video: Hubert von Goisern on tour
Frankfurt: Longing burns like schnapps
21.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Kaltern: Hubert von Goisern at the Vereinshaus
20.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Review: Servus Schaan, servus Liechtenstein
19.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Salzburg: Photos
14.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Hubert von Goisern brings" Feathers" to Vienna
Linz: Still burning
13.10.16 Goisern goes USA Hubert von Goisern listens to the silence
12.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Mainz: Inaction contributes to breakdown
Tourplan Vienna 12.10.: Few extra tickets now available
Miscellaneous Interview with HvG
11.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Nuremberg: Like a sword in the glacial ice
Nuremberg: Swampy blues from Austria
09.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Kempten: Song of praise to the blues
08.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Kempten: Gallery link
07.10.16 Goisern goes USA Trailer
Federn Tour 2016 Passau: Goisern burns well
Tourplan Kaltern: Concert venue and time
06.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Mannheim: Folk as a musical bridge
05.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Worpswede: A man has the blues
04.10.16 Federn Tour 2016 Worpswede: Photo
Miscellaneous DOKeins: Settele in homeland fever
27.09.16 Goisern goes USA Photos
26.09.16 Hubert's Desk Election Cramp Pain
23.09.16 Hubert's Desk September 2016
21.09.16 Discography Ja eh
16.09.16 Tourplan Kaltern: Concert date
12.09.16 Federn Tour 2016 Haldern: Moving diversity
Video: Haldern Pop 2016
09.09.16 Federn Tour 2016 Goisern goes USA
06.09.16 Federn Tour 2016 Spielberg: Gallery link
05.09.16 Tourplan Tour 2016: Linz
01.09.16 Federn Tour 2016 Video: Music festival in Spielberg
31.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Video: Brenna tuat's guat
30.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Spielberg: Hubert von Goisern rocked the open air at the Red Bull Ring
29.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Video: Heast as nit
Spielberg: Great atmosphere at the Red Bull Ring
28.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Spielberg: Photo gallery
17.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Klam: Concert full of warmth despite the rain
Video: Interview on the double decker festival bus
16.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Video: Interview with HvG
15.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Haldern: Review snippets
Video: Unplugged yodel medley
13.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Haldern: Gallery link
11.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Haldern: Live stream
09.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Würzburg: Hubert von Goisern's furioso Harbour Summer finale
Video: 10th Würzburg Harbour Summer
Tourplan Haldern: Start time
08.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Klam: Genuine alpine rock meets Southern blues
Klam: Hubert came and the rain didn't matter (extended)
07.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Klam: Gallery link
06.08.16 Federn Tour 2016 Klam: Hubert came and the rain didn't matter
01.08.16 Miscellaneous Hubert receives the St. Anna Award