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Hubert von Goisern: Gombe

Hubert von Goisern - GOMBE

24.06.98 | 74321579022 | Amazon


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I don't believe that the real adventures take place in one's mind. I believe that is where they begin. Every adventure begins with the imagination. No, not all of them. There are also those journeys in which one arrives unexpectedly. But are they not from the imagination of someone else?

I respect the power of thought. But, that doesn't mean I always take my only own thoughts seriously. Sometimes it is also necessary to consider the thoughts of others. This not only enriches one's own power of imagination, but opens the way to friendships.

This was how the Gombe adventure began in winter 94. I was in snow-covered Goisern working on the mixdown of the live CD Wia die Zeit vergeht (How Time Flies). There was a knock at my door. It was my friend Michael Neugebauer with a woman he introduced as Jane Goodall.

There is something unreal about unexpectedly standing face-to-face with a person one only knows from books – especially a person believed to be in distant Africa. But even our first meeting reflected more of the mood of a reunion, rather than an initial impression.

I loved listening to Jane's enchanting, fantasy-rich stories; especially those about Africa. And then, imagination and reality set their course. A trip to Africa followed, then another, then a film, and now this CD.

Perhaps it releases some of what I have carried within my mind since that first evening. The heat that even in the early morning blankets everything like a heavy hand, the smell of the earth, the slowing and refining of one's senses; the gentle caress of the waves over the pebbles of Lake Tanganyika; the wildness of this paradise and its magic.