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Reinhard Stranzinger

Reinhard Stranzinger

Reinhard Stranzinger's father played expert folk music on the harmonica at weddings and for pub regulars. The child, an Innviertler from Braunau, saw a rock concert and folded up each Schilling of his training cash, in order to buy himself his first guitar at the age of 15. At the age of 18 he had his own band and an unrestrained desire for freedom.

After finishing his training as a carpenter, Reinhard hitch-hiked around Spain, France and Morocco, eventually ending up in Munich. He earned himself money as, among other things, a track construction worker, driver, newspaper deliverer, printer and carver of Jesus and Mary figures.

He had his fun as a street musician at the Stachus and in a band with Lisa Fitz, her Persian husband, Ali, and with his own project Stranzinger, that elected to play hard rock with German lyrics and were the support act for Eric Burdon and Roger Chapman among others. When Stranzinger was in a crisis, HvG introduced himself. He had heard about the ethnic guitar creature through common acquaintances. Reinhard was involved as a studio musician (just like Sabine) in the recordings for Aufgeigen stått Niederschiassen. In the spring of 1992, he constructed his last roof truss, then he was signed up very quickly.

After the Alpinkatzen were disbanded, Reinhard launched his solo project Stranzinger, and released his solo album Ois oda nix. He has also performed with other groups such as Drahdiwaberl and Irish Steirisch - and also played guitar on Hubert von Goisern's 2002 album Iwasig.