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Stefan Engel

Stefan Engel

Stefan Engel was born in Salzburg, but grew up in Vienna. At the age of 13 he took his first piano lesson and at the age of 17, he returned to his place of birth and took his Matura (equivalent to A Levels). After that there was only music. Money came into the house through jobs such as disco doorman, parking lot guards or other typical musician survival jobs. He began as a punk rocker and emptied a jazz festival in Budapest with one of his bands, Mozart Mix 3, (the organizer must probably have been deceived by the group's name).

A band project in Vienna was ended by the federal army. In a studio in Salzburg - belonging to the sound master of today's Alpinkatzen, Wolfgang Spannberger - Stefan met Hubert von Goisern. With the second meeting, the job of the keyboarder was offered to him. Stefan, was at that time extremely dissatisfied with his Salzburg music environment and accepted immediately.

Since the Alpinkatzen, Stefan has produced dancefloor music and also contributed to Hubert von Goisern's 1998 albums Gombe and Inexil. In 2001 Stefan played keyboard and piano for Bernd Bechtloff's Seven Ages album, Otherland - released in September.