Hubert von Goisern


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Eiszapfen (Icicles)

Musik / Text: Trad
Arrangement: Hubert von Goisern    [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

Recently I burned icicles the whole night
Nobody noticed that those were not wax candles

Recently I covered my house with gingerbread
Now the girls come and eat it all

Now I have 3 girls, 3 girls to love
If they knew about each other, they would attack me
So that everything stays that way I occasionally have to lie to them
Because who wants to lose three girls to love

Iawaramoi (Sometimes)

Musik & Text: Hubert von Goisern    [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

Boys stand together in a circle
I'll tell you what I know
Light up a pipe
Those who can smoke it

in the paper you can read what's happened
but whether or not it's true, is not certain
because everyone lies nowadays
and he who doesn't lie is the most stupid
a boy kills his father and his mother too
and a sister strangles her brother
Serbs and Croats are shooting again
I mean, I can't take it any more, I drink and drink

in a pub Haider nags like a preacher
against those lazy-bones and those fare dodgers
Communist and the whole pack
he tells those people, that's class
while the ex-Goiserer scolds so beautifully
a thousand people are dying down in Africa
but we have enough to eat and drink
let's make sure it stays this way and let's close the hut

sometimes one guy stands up and says i don't give a shit
i've had enough now, I want my peace; and
sometimes he takes his gun and says to somebody:
come here you fool, I'll blow you out of your shoes!
sometimes a bomb flies from the right side
these are times when everybody's fighting
sometimes my boy then asks me:
hey father, just tell me
who are the stupid, who are the smart?

whether Croats or Serbs
all must die
whether Croat or Serb
each is a waste

Stadltür (Barn Door)

Trad | Arr: Hubert von Goisern      [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

he who doesn't like brown beer
is going to a cold grave
but i don't want to be ill
waitress, give me one!

one, two three, four, just hold still
so that you don't fall over
as we go down the field of oats,
it gets a little bit slippy!

farmer's wife makes a grumpy face
if the girl breaks a mug
makes such a din,
because of the old cup!

one, two three, four ...

behind the door of my barn
sits an old musketeer
plays his double bass
which has no strings in place!

one, two three, four ...

Halt Oder (Stop, Or...)

Musik / Text: Trad
Arrangement: Hubert von Goisern    [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

How lucky, we farmers have oxen, have cows
For the girls, nobody has more courage than us

What is it with us farmers, how long will it be
How long will it be until we will be like the noblemen

We are not of a farmer and not of an inn-keeper
but nevertheless we have never died of thirst yet

Rote Wand (Red Wall)

Trad | Arr: Hubert von Goisern      [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

the girl shouted hurray
is there no boy
who'd take over for me today
the picking of cherries from the tree


up on the red wall
i've discovered a hunter
who looks down at me
from the red wall


we're not going home today
the black man is at home
he looks like the devil
don't dare go home

In's Birig (Into The Mountains)

Musik / Text: Trad
Arrangement: Hubert von Goisern    [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

Today we must go into the mountains
The wind isn't blowing, the weather is beautiful
The nights are so beautifully bright and clear
this year will never be more beautiful

Yes, there is a great choice of chamois
Today we certainly get lucky
Even six aren't too many at all
if luck allows us to do it

I climb ahead, you follow me well
don't be too loud and don't fart
Once we're up there on the ridge
I'll show you your shooting positions

Yes, I climb up the mountain fast
So they don't smell me in the wind
They will certainly all come moving in
through the slope of tumbled rocks

Everything is so quiet like eternal peace
nothing but the dairymaid's bell-cow
you can hear faintly up here on the ridge
where we stood waiting for three hours

Yes now they start loosening rocks
The dust starts to fly away
hunters look over towards the slope
Now they're certainly coming

Goassbeitl Bauernbuam (Goat's Balls - Farmer Boys)

Musik & Text: Trad. / H. v. Goisern    [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

a semolina dumpling and a liver dumpling
didn't get on at all
the semolina dumpling hit the liver dumpling
off the edge of the stove

a brand new dance floor
a screaming high violin
a raspberry-blackberry-elderberry pudding
soon the sun shines, you must often mow the hay

a hip-hop heaven chick, ankle flappers
a gleaming, blue-green shining bloodshot nose
a great big huge hole in the shirt
on sunday joe was on tenterhooks
a migrant bird flock on a pear tree blooming
a strange, hideous, beautiful bunch of hair
a 5/4 inch thick double dowel tin lid
that slang has to be forbidden!

you goat's ball-farmer boys have no cream
and you can't stir it
and because you don't have a handsome labourer
that's why no girl will stay

Abend Spat (Late Evening)

Musik / Text: Trad
Arrangement: Hubert von Goisern    [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

Once upon a time late in the evening
It was a wonderful night
The stars in the sky light up so brightly
It was a delightful splendour

Suddenly it occurs to me in my heart
Today I want to be with my darling

And no matter how far the way is
I could not bear not to go to her tonight

Wann I Durchgeh Durch's Tal (When I Go Through The Valley)

Trad | Arr: Hubert von Goisern      [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

when i go through the valley
girl, just let out a cry
so that i hear you
perhaps never afterwards
holla reiduli reduli reidulio
holla reiduli reidulio aho

when i whisper and shout
and you don't hear me
then i must understand
that i should carry on my way
holla reiduli reduli reidulio
holla reiduli reidulio aho

and i don't hear you whisper
and i don't hear you shout
yes, you'll be long
gone over the ford
holla reiduli reduli reidulio
holla reiduli reidulio aho