Entwederundoder goes gold in Germany

18th June 2013 | Photo: © Sarah Marchant

On Monday at the release party for the new live double album Im Jahr des Drachen (out on 21.06.13), there was more than one reason to celebrate. Hubert von Goisern and his band received another gold disc for the successful album Entwederundoder, this time marking 100,000 sales of the album in Germany. There was also a gold award for the album (Independent Music Companies Association) from IMPALA, as well as gold for the film Wia die Zeit vergeht!

Double platinum celebrations on the Dachstein

13th April 2012 | Photos: © Blanko Musik/Konrad Fersterer

The new year 2012 brought with it platinum for Hubert von Goisern's single Brenna tuats guat and double platinum for his album Entwederundoder. On Wednesday Hubert climbed the Hohe Dachstein with band members Helmut Schartlmüller, Alex Pohn and Severin Trogbacher and manager Hage Hein to celebrate the double platinum award.

Gold and platinum

14th December 2011
Alex Pohn, Hubert von Goisern and Severin Trogbacher

In recent months Hubert von Goisern's current album Entwederundoder and the accompanying single Brenna tuats guat have enjoyed both critical acclaim and chart success. At a celebration at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg Hubert von Goisern was presented with two awards for the sales of these releases.

For the number one single Brenna tuats guat, which has sold 15000 copies in Austria, HvG received a gold disc. For Entwederundoder, which has been in the Austrian top ten for the past 13 weeks, Hubert von Goisern received a platinum disc for sale of 20,000 albums.

"This success is stunning and at the same time daunting"

Tips 22nd December 2011 | Text: Valerie Himmelbauer | Photo: Philip Platzer

Tips took the opportunity in Spielberg, Styria, to congratulate Hubert von Goisern on his gold and platinum awards for the new album EntwederUndOder and his single Brenna tuat's guat. The newly distinguished Upper Austrian explained how he deal with his big success and what he has planned for the new year.

Hubert von GoisernCongratulations on the gold and platinum awards for the new album and the gold disc for the single. Are things still burning?

Thanks. The music is what we're burning for, it is a great gift with which we were all born. It's great when success comes and the attention is as great as it is now.

When your new song is played, no matter whether it's on the radio, at Aprés Ski, or in the disco, everyone goes crazy and sings along. How does that feel?

It's stunning and daunting too. We haven't done anything different from what we've done all along - play music. I think the fact that the songs concerns us all plays a role. This song simply came out of me and it touched the nerve of the moment and said what many people were thinking.

Did you think that Brenna tuats guat would be the one to go down so well? Did you have a favourite song on the album before it was released?

No, I didn't. Songs are like children. Sometimes you're closer to one than the other. But there wasn't a song that felt better than any of the others. But if something doesn't work out for me, I don't release it. But I didn't have any better feeling for Brenna tuats guat than any of the others.

Your new album as a whole has been awarded gold and platinum too...

Yes, that's the point exactly. Brenna tuats guat is just one of 12 new songs, just part of the clock face. The attention and award wouldn't have come if the other eleven songs weren't good.

The concert in the Posthof in Linz is sold out, your concert in Gmunden was sold out in nine days, am additional date was added, which sold out in a few hours. Had you imagined that happening?

No, I really can't believe it. But there are more dates at Burg Clam and a huge open air here at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. That will be the biggest concert of the 2012 tour. I have always given concerts in Germany and played music in recent years. Success in general isn't anything new for me. But I still run into people who say to me: it's such a shame that you stopped in 1994. They've not realised that I've kept making music.

How many concerts do you have planned for the new year?

We're planning 80 to 100 concerts for the new year, on average we'll be playing five days and then having a day off. We've never played at such a large scale in Austria. There will be room for 25,000 people at the Red Bull Ring in the summer.

Will the album form the main part of the concert, or will we hear old HvG favourites too?

We're playing about an hour of songs from the new album and then there's an hour and a half of music from the past. Music from the last 20 years, in particular the songs we like most..

How are you preparing for this intense years of concerts?

Our tour starts in Switzerland on 18th January, we'll start rehearsing on 4th January. Until then I'll be taking advent slowly and meeting up with lots of friends and taking the time to recharge my batteries, as I'll need the energy for next year. Until then I'll be staying low, because when things get going, there's no control any more.

HvG awarded gold and platinum 16th December 2011
HvG and Band

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Precious metal at the Red Bull stable: Platinum party with Hubert von Goisern

Musikmarkt 16th December 2011| Text: Andy Zahradnik

HvG und Hage HeinMunich/Salzburg - Spielberg – the name says it all. The district of the small Styrian town of Zeltweg has been known for decades to petrol heads in particular. "Gentlemen, start your engines" has been called in Spielberg since the early 70s. The former Formula 1 track was completely renovated and modernised by Red Bull, re-christened the Red Bull Ring and reopened this year. The Bull stable serves not just as piste for typical racing events, but also works perfectly as a concert venue. Open air, right in front of the pits, there is room for up to 30,000 people and this area will be appropriately filled. For on 14th July 2012 Hubert von Goisern will be giving his biggest open air concert in Austria at the Ring. In his lineup of four (accordion, bass, drums, guitar) there will be lots from the new album (Entwederundoder, Blanko Musik) and looks back at other stops in his career in the two-and-a-half hour concert.

The warmup lap took place on the evening of 14th December in the press centre above pit 4 at the Red Bull Ring. Media representatives were invited to a press conference and platinum party. To be witnessed were comments and answers peppered with philosophy, as well as live Skype sessions with friends of the artist, who congratulated him on his success. Among those joining the event via the internet: Klaus Doldinger and Philip Poisel. The Stuttgart singer-songwriter has been a guest at Hubert von Goisern's concerts on a number of occasions.

The precious metal that was the reason for the revelry was accordingly celebrated on the stage. Hubert von Goisern and the two present band member (Severin Trogbacher, guitar and Alex Pohn, drums) received their awards from manager and label boss Hage Hein. Also awarded were the sound and light engineers, the distribution partner Sony Music , media partner "Servus TV" and many more, including Hitradio Ö3, in the guise of music professional Wolfgang Domitner. The broadcaster had contributed a great deal to the the song Brenna tuats guat becoming a hit with massive airplay.

It was also touching to see how words escaped the usually eloquent Hubert von Goisern as Hage Hein recalled more than 20 years of collaboration from which came a close friendship. Often of differing opinions, discussing things until they drop, but going the same way together since 1989 and now blessed with a number 1 again. A rare occurrence in the the fast-moving industry, but "it burns well" for the two of them since 1989 - and that's good.

It burns well!

15th December | Text: Eva Geiger | Photos: © Philip Platzer

Heinz Nußbaumer, multi-award-winning author and journalist, put it like this: "For me Hubert von Goisern is the sole living representative of true world music in Austria". The reason for this declaration? A press conference in Spielberg, Styria, at which the Goisern spoke about past and planned projects, in particular his tour through Austria, Germany and Switzerland, which will be starting in January 2012. Around 80 media representatives from all over Austria made use of this rare opportunity and were not disappointed; together with the musicians in his band, Hubert von Goisern talked about the excitement and anticipation for the forthcoming 100 or so concerts. One expected highlight: 14th July 2012, when the Upper Austrian will give an open air concert in front of approximately 25,000 people at the Red Bull Ring - the biggest concert in his homeland next year in a unique setting. Of course the current single Brenna tuats guat will also be heard, a song that has so precisely touched the emotions of the listeners, that it has been awarded gold for sales of more than 15,000 in Austria. The accompanying album EntwederundOder was awarded gold and platinum status, which was celebrated in Spielberg after the press conference. A success that both delights and surprises Hubert von Goisern: "It's lovely to experience this recognition without having done anything different from before". Colleagues Klaus Doldinger and Philipp Poisel also added their congratulations via videoconferencing from Germany - as well as of course the aforementioned Heinz Nußbaumer. And the good fortune ensues: ticket sales for the tour have begun and some dates in Austria sold out in just a few hours. It burns well, for next year too!

Hubert von Goisern awarded gold and platinum 15th December 2011
Hubert von Goisern

Right at the top of the charts is where native Bad Goiserer Hubert von Goisern landed with his latest single Brenna tuats guat. He has now been distinguished for his latest works - the new album Entwederundoder and the chart-topping single Brenna tuats guat - at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

Hubert von Goisern awarded precious metal for his current works

APA 15th December 2011

The Upper Austrian also announces a large open air concert at the Red Bull Ring in the summer.

Graz - On Wednesday evening at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg Hubert von Goisern was awarded precious metal: twice with gold and once with platinum for his current records. The Upper Austrian also took the opportunity to present his concert on 14th July next year, at which 25,000 people are expected.

Entwederundoder was in the charts for twelve weeks, spending ten of those weeks at number 2, the single Brenna tuats guat spent ten weeks in the charts, five of them at number 1. "It is of course a great honour and reward for the hard work," Hubert von Goisern said of his delight, according to his agent.

The open air on 14th July was also presented, which is to bring back to life a tradition of concerts at the Ring - the Rolling Stones are among those who have played there, in front of almost 90,000 people. The Brenna Tuats tour runs from January to December 2012 through Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Hubert von Goisern collects gold and platinum discs

Kleine Zeitung 15th December 2011 | Text & Photo: Sonja Haider-Krätschmer

On 14th July 2012 Hubert von Goisern will be drawing 25,000 fans to his concert at Spielberg.
Before that he collected collected gold and platinum discs at Spielberg on Wednesday.

Hubert von Goisern receives platinum and gold awards

Media representatives from all over Austria and Germany came to the press conference for Hubert von Goisern at the Red Bull Ring's media centre in Spielberg on Wednesday. The musician chatted at the ring about his forthcoming extensive tour through Austria and Germany. The biggest concert will take place at the Red Bull Ring on 14th July. That is, where the Rolling Stones once played.

"We think that 25,000 fans will come", says Goisern, who relaxedly answered questions and to mix things up had a number of calls via the internet (Skype). Among those with whom Goisern talked were the German singer-songwriter Philipp Poisel and author Heinz Nussbaumer. Both men congratulated the Upper Austrian: There was platinum and gold for the musician for his current CD Entweder und oder and the single Brenna tuat's guat.

Joining Goisern were his band colleagues Severin Trogbacher (guitar) and Alex Pohn (drums). The fourth member of the band, Helmut Schartlmüller, wasn't able to come, he is currently in Kathmandu (Nepal).