Hubert von Goisern: Far Away, So Close

20th April | Photos: © Elli Christl

Benefit concert in aid of school children in Nepal

Hubert von Goisern with the young musicians

Nepal is a multi-ethnic state. The people in the Himalayan region of Mustang, in which Jharkot lies, are Tibetan in their language and culture - connecting link and reason for the Tibet connoisseur and friend Hubert von Goisern to support the Salzburg Musische Gymnasium's Nepal project. The idea for a benefit concert came from him - and on the 19th April the time had come.

Hubert von Goisern played a special programme together with students from the school. A concert that would take place in this form just once. In an environment much more intimate than the artist's big tours usually allow, with youngsters, who were able experience something something really special on stage together with one of the greats and an audience who experienced not just a unique event, but who could also be sure that their contribution was really helping to make possible a better future for otherwise helpless children.

Curiosity grew as to what would come when this crazy musical personality met the enthusiastic youngsters from the Musische Gymnasium on stage: on stage with him stood the jazz rock band The Fabulous Amusing Pops and the school's female choir, as well as the acclaimed ensemble Men Only. The joint set offered songs from a variety of the Goiserer's releases - Leben, I bin ganz alloan, Poika and Mercedes Benz to name but a few - as well as highlights from his young colleague's repertoires, in very unusual interpretations.

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Scenes from the first rehearsal and the benefit concert

Schule macht Schule 24th April 2009 | Photo: Christina Klaffinger
Hubert von Goisern

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