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Hubert von Goisern: Live in Bad Ischl - 22nd June 2001

2001 | Photos: © Johannes Scheibenreif

Hubert von Goisern surprises again and again 2nd April 2001 | Text: Sabine Junker

What a man! Until now Hubert von Goisern had "only" fascinated me musically. Now I experienced him live for the first time, in the Alten Schlachthof, Dresden. It was a great evening.

Hubert can sing, yodel, he plays a crazy number of instruments, he tells super stories, he has charm. In short: he is a star, and as I noticed, not only for me.

Hubert is a phenomenon. He does not need to attract attention through outward appearance. He came in tracksuit trousers and a T-shirt. Therefore, concentration on his music. And with Fön he surprised once again. Hubert was not on the "Original Folk Music Trip" of past years. For a long time not so many yodels came from him as from the audience. (How many exiled Bavarians and ex-Austrians actually live in Saxony?)

Hubert came with different rhythms - Blues for instance. And he came with lots of stories, also quite personal ones with which he probably captured a good many new hearts. Whoever can also resist his sensitive dialect ...

What I also find fascinating about Hubert is how he changes instruments in a flash and how well he masters them. No matter whether guitar, accordion, African bush drum, Styrian milk churn, trumpet or flute - Hubert masters them all perfectly. And as a lowlander, I wonder which moods he can express yodelling when he yodels: laughing, crying, wailing...

He can do simply everything. I was up and away.

Hubert von Goisern: Live in Vaduz - 24th June 2001

PartyPeople June 2001 | Photos: PartyPeople

Tender instead of professional

Schwäbische Zeitung 17th March 2001 | Text: Nina Godina

Hubert von GoisernLindau - "Hiatamadl" someone calls. Hubert von Goisern ignores it. Then the counter: "You can try it. You say what you think and I play what I think." Rowdiness in the Inselhalle. No more professional flair. But he yodelled. And the audience too.

Lights out. Spotlight on. Five people on the stage. Applause. Full of determination, Hubert Achleitner alias Hubert von Goisern heads for the microphone. More applause. Seconds later: the first yodel. Long and full of feeling. The 49 year old does not shilly shally about. No stage paraphernalia, no lavish costumes. Handmade and homemade music.

It's six years since Goisern last stood on stage. Back then it was with the Alpinkatzen. Let bygones be bygones. "The Alpinkatzen are not a long way away, because far away would mean that they're coming again!" he says. It was his aim to return "when I had developed." The time is right. He is here again. With a new band. His Fön tour began on 3rd March in Linz.

He stands there in red trousers with a black shirt and braces. Relaxed, bent knees, legs apart. As if immersed in meditation, Goisern seesaws back and forth. Gentle movements. Concentration. The sounds ooze out of him. "Heejhhh". Tense silence. The Austrian is wrapped in thought. With closed eyes, he strokes the strings of his guitar. After the first song he makes short contact to his fans. "Hello!"

His songs are homely like walks in flower-filled alpine pastures. Tender instead of professional. And critical: "I wollt i war a wengerl mehr katholisch..." ("I wish I was a bit more Catholic...) Goisern wishes, because "dann war des alls ganz leicht" ("everything would be very easy"). Going to church on Sundays and confessing your sins. Goisern also wants to suffer on stage. "With the blues it's important that it hurts!" And his readiness for suffering is great. "Suffering redeems!"

He presumably discovered that in Tibet. He travelled there in order to see for himself "that it can't all be so bad", but then he came back with the certainty that "everything is much worse."

Goisern has experienced a lot: in the six years of stage asceticism, he gave his acting debut (Die Hölleisengretl), stayed in South Africa and India, wrote the film music for Schlafes Bruder and gained the chimpanzee research scientist Jane Goodall as a kindred spirit. A cosmopolitan who combines world cultures. Folksy songs from the Salzkammergut next to old tunes in Swahili. Yodelling at the highest level is his requirement.

Sound effects, splashing water or bird sounds: drummer and percussionist Bernd Bechtloff complements the protagonist with terrific improvisations and pin sharp interludes. Mystical but not solemn. Two and a half hours of experimental style searches between the old and new. Needs getting used to. But the fans are patient and ready. Goisern thanks them with encores and a firm "thank you!"

Hubert von Goisern: Live in Bad Ischl - 22nd June 2001

2001 | Photos: © Oskar C. Neubauer

Hubert and more

Salzburger Nachrichten 25th June 2001

Music lovers have it good in Salzburg at the moment. On Wednesday, Georg Danzer played in Heilbronn, on Thursday the old rocker Sweet was to be heard in the Rockhaus, Vonda Shepard took care of the atmosphere in the Kongresshaus on Friday evening and Wolfgang Ambros at the Linzergassenfest. Finally on Saturday evening, the grand master of new folk music was to be heard. Hubert von Goisern presented his new programme Fön at an open air concert in the Salzburg Domplatz. It was a home match that the Goiserer finished in Salzburg. From the first yodel to the last note of Heast as Nit, the audience let there be no doubt about what they are: confirmed Hubert fans. And the Goiserer and his band added everything with which it would become a style of family festival. It was yodelled, bluesed and rocked, that it was a pleasure.

The Goiserer abstained from his old hits on this tour - except for Heast as Nit. Instead, he started rather quietly in the first part of his programme, playing above all the titles from his CD Fön. So the music crept into the heads of the listeners like the warm south wind, though not causing headaches, but opening the senses. Over the Domplatz rose an almost thought-provoking atmosphere.

Mind you, before it all became too much, the Goiserer then really let rip. With numbers from his Africa CD and then with folk songs from the CD Trad. Singing along was the order of the day and the Goiserer, who appeared for the first time in front of the cathedral, certainly had fun at the concert himself and the audience felt that too.

Hubert von Goisern: Live in Salzburg - 23rd June 2001

Salzburger Nachrichten 2001 | Photos: © SN