Hubert von Goisern


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Heilige (Saints)

Music: HvG | Lyrics: HvG      [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

every wine was once water
enough miracles still happen today
every day someone is betrayed
and we watch their crucifixion

who says that there are no more of those
who are coming right down from heaven
who are not to be bought by anyone
who are able to walk over water

but let's be honest
every saint is dangerous
when someone thinks with praying he can
save us from the idiots

he's on the outside
nothing belongs to him
he'll be nailed to a cross
if possible today

who am i and who are you
and is it even important anyway?
where is ahead and where is behind
what is wrong and what is right

soul with reggae underneath
or praying for a miracle
soul with reggae underneath
or praying for a miracle

just don't kneel before anyone
or before anything
hey, where would we get to then
where are we now

Aus is (It's over)

Music: HvG | Lyrics: HvG     [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

hey what's up with you
you look like
the devil
has asked you to marry him
and if it is like that
why will you not say no
or show him how mad he is
hey is it so difficult?

what you can be persuaded of
if you lose heart
if you believe
that life is nothing but misery
it will seem too
that nothing can be done in time
and instead of looking like losing head
giving up everything at once
and before i disgrace myself
i'd rather give it all up

it's over and done
cause it's true and it's clear
that things aren't straight and there's lying
and everyone is a fool
maybe me too
thinking I have to do
what I have to and I do
and it's never enough

does it not seem to you
that it's rather scary today
something's not like every day
something's in the air
can't you smell it too
a bit of a whiff of sulphur

Besser werdn (Get better)

Music: Frauenlob/HvG/Spannberger | Lyrics: HvG     [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

1 and 2 not with us
3 and 4 not either
5 and 6 really bad
cause i don't want it

i don't have, i don't know
i don't need, i don't want
i don't have to have
even if everyone says so

when i sit, i want to stand
when i stand, i want to go
when i go then it seems to me
that going is bad

lucky to meet you
right here
where i was talking about you

what's wrong with me, why am i so grumpy
is it the weather or is it the stars
if it carries on like this, the milk will go off
the way it looks, it can only get better
it can only get better
it can only get better, better

coming too close
women or men
everybody too close for comfort
i have to run away

up above, down below
on top of each other, side by side
for each other, with each other
muddled up, muddled up

Poika (Polka)

Music: HvG | Lyrics: HvG     [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

it's so loud
does it have to be
where has it come from
where is it going
i don't know that myself
hey, it's really stupid
really stupid, really stupid
but it works

such a confusion is really frightening
and not everyone can take it, as i see
such a fuss is not for everybody
but you never know, let's try it

let's act like we know what we're doing
because then everyone will think we know what we're doing
and let's tell those who think we should do it differently:
i do it the way i want and leave me alone

Afrika (Africa)

Music: HvG | Lyrics: HvG     [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

how many live in this world
without any money, without any money
and how many have so much
that they don't know what to do with it

how often must the sun rise
before we understand, before we understand
or must sink

when i look at the world
then i see, then i see
so much that i don't like at all
every day

But when i feel a song inside me
coming on like the rain in summer
then i open up like a flower
and forget everything round about me
as long as i'm singing, as long as i'm playing
as long as i have this feeling

aumam we can make a change
in pieces by pieces
a-umam we can make it
one by one piece by piece

let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go, let's go to africa

aumam we can make a change...

I bi ån (I'm On)

Music: HvG | Lyrics: HvG     [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

get up, come here and
sell me your soul
i want you all or nothing
think quickly and decide right now
'cos i won't ask twice
and the chance is gone in a flash
but with a shout
you're with me

i see it in your face
you're a bit afraid of the heat
hey, what could happen to you
apart from you sweating a bit
the sweat running
you being overcome
you beaming away
and singing with all of us?

i bi ån

but don't say "i can't"
'cause it's not something anybody can ever (do)
'cause that's something you can only do. Just do!
then your body will take over
as long as you just do the best you can

there where the beat is, there i want to feel it
there i want all of them at once and all of them together
there i want you too, hey mama come here and let yourself be jodlei jodlou-ed

but don't say "I don't know how to do this!"

(*i bi ån = i'm 'on', i don't need anything from you)

Nix tuan (Doing nothing)

Music: HvG | Lyrics: HvG     [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

if i were to do exactly what's up to me right now
if i were to do just nothing at all
what would happen
what would happen

but not doing anything at all
is not easy at all
since there is always something
to get on your nerves

Schön wars (It was wonderful)

Music: HvG | Lyrics: HvG     [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

how long has it been
since i last heard from you
i can't stop thinking about you

are you still angry with me
or doesn't it seem to you
that it would be better
if we were to get on again

why should we give up
why can't we just say
it was great and still is great
that such a thing exists, that such a thing exists at all

if i was not as i am
and you were not as you are
we would also
never have been able to meet

shouldn't it happen
that two people lose themselves in each other
and everything around them
they forget at once

why should we give up
why can't we just say
it was wonderful and still is wonderful
that such a thing exists, that such a thing exists at all

Schad (Shame)

Music: HvG | Lyrics: HvG     [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

oh, it's my own fault,
that now i am left with this feeling
as so often when i know
that i this time again
don't say what i think
because i believe it would hurt you
but you
immediately without saying anything
ran away
and now i don't know
if i should run after you
or what or how

and now you are
mad at me
what have i done to you
that you now behave like this?
as if
we didn't even know each other?

what's the big deal?
you don't have to immediately
just because of one quarrel
say that everything is over

a shame for the wasted time
if you constantly quarrel
but if it's only now and then
then that's fine

Neuer Tag (New Day)

Music: Frauenlob/HvG | Lyrics: HvG     [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

somewhere right now, the sun is rising
and a new day is coming
full of hope that everything will get better
or full of fear that it would be over and past

these days are rolling in and rolling out
rolling along
like water flows to the sea
and rising and falling and coming down as rain
back to earth

Über's Wasser (Over the Water)

Music: Trad; Arr. HvG/Frauenlob | Lyrics: Trad/HvG  [ORIGINAL LYRICS]

over the meadows, over the meadows
over the meadows leads the path, oh yes
boy, if you come out to me at night
then throw a little stone up on to my roof

and the girl slept through it
didn't hear the little stone, oh yes
and when she woke up
she cried her eyes out

over the water, over the water
over the water, leads the way, oh yes
if you dare to cross [the water], then come to me
the key will be hanging by the door