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Helmut Schartlmüller

Helmut Schartlmüller

Name: Helmut Schartlmüller

Born: Steyr

Lives: Vienna

Instrument: Bass

Musical beginnings: Musical late starter (was previously a football goalkeeper), began to play music when I was 15, felt immediately attracted to the bass, no official training (I didn't want to be a music teacher, but I taught untrained for six years), autodidact, ears open and learning by doing is the motto, my 2 year stay in LA had a great influence.

Career highlights: an absolute highlight is of course playing in Hubert von Goisern's band. Otherwise: Short People (Bon Jovi and Iggy Pop - support), Pogo (2 American tours), Die Päpste, Madrid de los Austrias, Albano Carisi, Umberto Tozzi, Hubertus Hohenlohe, Nigel Hayes, Sandra Pires, Boris Bukowsky, Hansi Lang and many more. It's also worth mentioning that I played on Thieves and Poets by John McLaughlin, further collaboration is looming.

Favourite music: Difficult to decide! But if I must: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Miles Davis, Foo Fighters, Air, Beatles, and then the "funky stuff" too ... anything that grabs you by the nuts and doesn't sound too "academic".

Did you know that ... I can clap with one hand?


Helmut Schartlmüller