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Hubert von Goisern on tour from May 2015

Hubert von Goisern - Tour 2015

New album "Federn" out on 8th May 2015

Hubert von Goisern has the blues. Hubert von Goisern also has: variegation and the shimmering energy of New Orleans. This special southern states feeling. He balances all this on the basis of his own tradition, which comes from the Alps in terms of geography, but is practically the whole world in a musical idea.

Goisern has been on a musical journey through the south of the USA. And what he has brought back with him is carefully crafted, from the powerful rock numbers and swinging country songs to the heavy-hearted ballads. Pedal steel and electric guitar, cajun and accordion. It's all Goisern.

Federn is light work: the rhythms of country and bluegrass music needn't be cobbled together, they fit like a glove with the Austrian sound - as if there had never been any other way. It's extraordinary how Hubert von Goisern manages this time after time: you simply feel as though the whole world is your home.


HvG live in 2014 - what the critics said:

"He has never engaged with blues and rock with such impact. It thunders in his new songs more clearly than ever before. (...) Past and present, beyond and on this side of the Atlantic, cultural reservations and artistic prejudices - it all dissolves when pedal steel and accordion embrace like long-lost friends. They swing wildly in euphoria, excelling in storytelling." (Salzburger Nachrichten)

"It is this decisive devotion to everything he tackles that not least makes von Goisern a live sensation (...) He takes a risk and puts his trust in the audience too." (Merkur)

"Rock was never foreign to the Goiserer, but now he dives deep into its primal swamp: Jambalaya, country, Neil Young orgies, strokes of Lambchop, Cajun, "and when you bring back the blues, then you do so from Louisiana". Fishell's slide strings weave together with Goisern's accordion, Severin Trogbacher on electric and western guitar duels with the yodelling, drummer Alex Pohn and bass player Helmut Schartlmüller look for more than just rhythm: namely tonal breadth." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

"Only the Goiserer knows how to integrate the swampiest blues into an alpine meadow panorama, how to pass off dialect rhymes as intellectual claims and how to inject an American classic like Corinna with a deeply Styrian soul." (Sächsische Zeitung)