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How does a patron saint get his job?

Abendzeitung 10th July 2012 | Text: Arno Frank Eser | Photo: Dorothee Falke

Hubert von Goisern always has an answer at Tollwood too - concise and pithy

Hubert von Goisern

The air in the Tollwood tent is heavy, difficult to cut. The audience is crowded close together. But Hubert von Goisern is completely undaunted, playful, euphoric. And it infects everyone else in just a few minutes, everything is topsy-turvy. Even in the back rows people diligently sing and dance along.

The mix is what does it: accordion in a country dance call and response with the rocking electric guitar; then the thematic focal points from nonchalant and cheerful to thoughtful and melancholy. For example, what makes a saint a saint? How does a patron saint get his job? And how must we pray and sing - in the footsteps of Janis Joplin - when we want a Mercedes Benz from the Heavenly Father? Nowadays in any case, we do so contemporarily with dub reggae with a touch of the psychedelic.

Hubert von Goisern gives answers where others only have a question mark on their faces. And does so not just in with immense stylistic variety, but as a multi-instrumentalist too, on the diatonic, the guitar, clarinet, electric piano and more. But where opulent walls of sound were previously constructed, now everything is reduced to its quintessence, concise and pithy. And as a group of four you can be mightily multifaceted too.

Of course the classics go down best, pearls like Weit, weit weg, Wia die Zeit vergeht, Hiatamadl is sent onto the dancefloor too, just like the new hit Brenna tuats guat.

And right at the end, Hubert von Goisern on the acoustic guitar, romantic and thoughtful. And then as crowning moment, a cappella four-voiced singing with his musicians.

Hubert von Goisern in Kufstein

Kufsteinblick 8th July 2012 | Photo: © Pierzinger/Kufsteinblick
Hubert von Goisern

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Hubert von Goisern in Vienna

Ehn Pictures 27th June 2012 | Photo: © Johannes Ehn
Hubert von Goisern

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Hitradio Ö3 @ Donauinselfest 2012

Hitradio Ö3 23rd June 2012

The Ö3 stage at the Donauinselfest

ORF 23rd June 2012 | Photo: © Hitradio Ö3/Michael Gruber

Hubert von GoisernThe anticipation was palpable. As early as the soundchecks in the afternoon the first fans were gathering at the Ö3 stage. It was worth the wait. The last two acts weren't revealed until Thursday morning on Ö3-Wecker - Hubert von Goisern and Unheilig. And so it was clear: the Ö3 audience would get their money's worth. And that they did...

On this evening highlight followed highlight: after Marlon Roudette Hubert von Goisern proved that Trackshittaz aren't the only ones who can please the masses with the squeezebox. In a good mood, the globetrotter rocked the Ö3 stage. The second number on his setlist was Brenna tuats guat. Just the right thing to get the already happy fans going. Hubert von Goisern really put his foot down on the musical accelerator pedal. From the first note to the last, you could really feel that this man knows no compromises. The folk rocker wanted to offer nothing less than a fantastic show.

Von Goisern on the Donauinsel: "Hello, Vienna"

Kurier 23rd June 2012 | Photo: APA

Hubert von Goisern"Hello Vienna" - the sun hadn't yet set when Hubert von Goisern, one of this year's surprise acts, came on stage. Not a bad choice: like the Donauinselfest itself, the Goiserer offers musical fare fit for the whole family. The makeup of the audience showed this - teenagers thronged alongside to grey-haired men who had been present at the first Goisern concerts 20 years ago. They saw a musician who is now much rockier than the times of Hiatamadl.

The nearly sixty year old only buckled on his accordion briefly on this evening, then swapping it right away for an electric guitar. Supported by a purely Upper Austrian formation, numbers from his current album, such as Brenna tuats guat were in the foreground. There was no Hiatamadl as encore this time - which in no way hurt the stylish 45 minute long set.

Hubert von Goisern rocks

Vienna Online 22nd June 2012

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A multi-talent thrills his audience - Hubert von Goisern

Kulturzeitschrift 3rd June 2012 | Text: Christina Porod | Photo: © Dietmar Mathis

The artist of the year 2012 thrilled his audience on Saturday evening.
Never before has an event drawn such a big crowd to the Rankweil Marktplatz.

HvGEveryone knows his name, but who knows all the the things that Hubert Achleitner, as Hubert von Goisern is really called, has done? A motley and bustling life as actor, film music composer, author and designer of two fashion collections shapes his biography. He made his breakthrough at the beginning of the 90s with the Alpinkatzen and from then on Austrian music history has been unimaginable without him. It's now a month since he was awarded two highly coveted trophies at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards.

Sold out

Crowds of people streamed into the sold out concert arena to see the artist live. The evening couldn't have been more heavenly for the staging of an open air concert . Noticeably touched by having the honour of playing as support band, Ski-Schuh-Tennis Orchestra opened the evening. The young Vorarlberg ably took the stage for themselves. They kept the audience in the mood for an hour until at just past 8pm Hubert von Goisern came on stage.


It is rare that an artist managed to appeal to such a richly faceted audience. Many a person, trying hard for authenticity, got dressed up in traditional costume for the musician from the Salzkammergut. Hubert von Goisern opened his set with a simple salute and let loose with his three man band, consisting of a drummer, a bass player and a guitarist. From the start the multi-talent showed what he could do. He kept changing instrument all through the concert. With accordion, Jews' harp, bells, guitar, electric piano or the lap steel guitar, which he played seated, he showed his ability and his broad-reaching musical repertoire. His show was as colourful as his audience. An expedition through different genres and yet always unmistakably Hubert von Goisern.

Thoroughbred musician

As an old timer in the business, the almost 60-year-old knows wonderfully well how to get his audience in his hand. At first restrained, after a short break the thoroughbred musician then had them under his spell. He ably mixed the familiar and new. As he performed the first bars of his past hits like Weit, Weit Weg or Koa Hiatamadl, the audience's hands were in the air, even before the guitarist encouraged them, and the audience was carried away. Performing his current hit Brenna tuats guat the crowd began to burn too. As a crowning finale von Goisern once more offered one of his greatest hits - Heast as ned. After the last encore, an a cappella yodel from the whole band, he said thank you with a simple "danke schön" and departed with the words "take care of yourselves and of each other".

Hubert von Goisern: "Rain brings you together"

Merkur Online 4th June 2012 | Text: Christiane Mühlbauer | Photo: Arndt Pröhl

4500 fans cheer the Austrian at the Benediktbeuern Maierhof. Good atmosphere in spite of bad weather.

Benediktbeuern. There are things in life of which you can simply be proud. For example when you're a musician and 4500 faithful fans make the pilgrimage to your open air - even when it looks like the rain that evening will never end. Hubert von Goisern too - hopefully - will remember this evening for a long time too.

He has been on his Brenna tuat's tour in the German-speaking countries for months and the concerts follow one after the other into the autumn. "This is our first rainy one today", he said at the Maierhof on Sunday evening. "You can be proud of that". Because after all, rain brings you together.

And so it did. But it took a while for the audience to thaw. With a brilliant instrumental piece on the accordion Goisern began the evening, the focus of which was of course the new CD. Musically-speaking Goisern and band were in the top league, for example in the cowbell solo in Indianer. With Helmut Schartlmüller on bass, Alexander Pohn on drums and Severin Trogbacher on the guitar, the Austrian drew on a sterling troupe, who could trust each other implicitly on stage. Comparing the show with the concerts of previous years, you had the feeling that Goisern has matured, leaving his storm and stress time behind him. He doesn't need to prove anything to anybody any more and can be completely himself on stage.

In the course of the two hour concerts he seemed confused at times that nobody wanted to stand up and dance. It was perhaps in part down to the setup of the Maierhof. Seats in front of the stage, standing room at the back. People thronged there, but of course couldn't come forward. There also followed after Goisern's rocky introduction a rather more quiet phase with Lebwohl, Es is, wia's is, the cult song Goisern and his Styrian version of Mercedes Benz, including an ingenious, experimental accordion solo.

After a good hour Goisern looked a little puzzled into the sea of colourful, dutiful raincoats before him. "Don't you want to get up and dance?" he asked, but the ice was not yet broken. The joint choir to Weit, weit weg also sounded a little thin.

Only in the last half hour, when the Austrian invited the sitting audience to the stage and entertained them with not just the current hit Brenna tuat's guat, but also classics like Omunduntn and Iawaramoi, did the exuberant atmosphere for which Goisern concerts are known finally arise.

Lots of cheering, great applause and enthusiastic demands for encores, then it was the end. What remains is the memory of a beautiful, musically wonderful evening. And the fact that Goisern has really true fans that not even the rain and wind can deter.

Hubert von Goisern

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"It burns well": Hubert von Goisern will have a long afterglow

Vorarlberger Nachrichten 4th June 2012 | Photo: © Stiplovek

Hubert von Goisern thrills thousands in Rankweil

The voice has an inimitable timbre, the lyrics are intelligent and what is called "alpine rock" is incomparable with the common folk music for the masses. The Austrian Hubert von Goisern wins them over nonetheless.

Around 6000 people streamed to Rankweil on Saturday evening and there was room for no more. The concert, staged by the Altes Kino, had been as good as sold out for week and fulfilled all its promises.

Good sound, comprehensible lyrics, the great accordion, guitars and Jews harps and a wonderful ambience. You could ask for nothing more and the fans agreed, applauding enthusiastically. Brenna tuat's guat, to mention the central hit, will no doubt have a long afterglow in their heads.

Hubert von Goisern

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Hubert von Goisern in Rankweil

RTV Vorarlberg 4th June 2012

Woodstock flair at the Marktplatz with Goisern

Vorarlberger Nachrichten 4th June 2012 | Text & Photo: © Bandi Koeck

6000 spectators, 220 volunteer helpers as well as an unbelievably good atmosphere. That is the summary of the open air with Hubert von Goisern at the Marktplatz, which provided a uniquely beautiful backdrop.

Hubert von Goisern

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Rankweil. Armin Wille and his well-trained team from the Altes Kino, which is celebrating its 26th anniversary this year, once again put on a smooth-running concert experience of superlatives. The concert from Hubert von Goisern was completely sold out. The interest on the part of the spectators couldn't have been any greater.

Superstar of the year

Shortly past eight, when the support group had left the stage, it was quiet for a moment and then came the "Austrian superstar of the year": Hubert von Goisern and his band. Armed with his splendid Novak accordion, with the guitarist to his right and the bass player to his left, Hubert Achleitner, born in 1952 in Bad Goisern, Upper Austria, gave it all he had from the first moment he stood on stage.

Father of alpine rock

Nobody plays the Styrian accordion the way he does. The world musician is also well-versed on the Jews' harp. His mixture of rock music with stylistic elements from traditional Austrian folk music give his songs their own style, which has become known as "alpine rock". On the playlist in Rankweil with many songs from his newest album Entwederundoder were also his biggest hits Wia die Zeit vergeht, Weit weit weg and Hiatamadl. The exceptional musician and his three-man band played for two hours including encores. The happy audience said thank you with thunderous applause.

Incidentally: on the same day Caroline Weber competed at the Rhythm Gymnastics European Championships in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia with a remix of the song Wildschütz, which Hubert von Goisern had composed especially for her. She took eleventh place.

Hubert von Goisern warms up the Domberg

inFranken 2nd June | Text: Jürgen Gräßer  | Photo: Ronald Rinklef

On Friday Hubert von Goisern and his band kicked off the three-day Domplatz spectacle.
It was a bit fresh, but Hubert von Goisern warmed up the audience.

Hubert von Goisern"Thank you for coming!" This thank you sent from Hubert von Goisern into the evening sky over the Domberg after the final alpine yodel was eagerly reciprocated. A thank you for two and a half hours of a world music journey from far away to close by, in the centre point of which stood Hubert, the soon to be sixty year old from the Upper Austrian town of Bad Goisern.

Since change brings joy, Hubert von Goisern changed instrument after almost every song. Jews' harp, guitar, bells and accordion in different colours and tones where there right at the start. The multi-instrumentalist and thoroughbred musician had still to offer a lap steel guitar, electric piano, harmonica and clarinet.

Intimate ballads and slow blues, for example the declaration of love for his hometown, stylistically alternated with alpine rock and yodels, with which von Goisern and Co. sent the thrilled Domberg audience home. Dancing and singing along came before the current big success, the rap-like Brenna tuat's guat. Nobody could keep still to this critique of capitalism set to groovy music. That was also down to the phenomenal accompanying band, the three true "Über Upper Trans Austrians". Alex Pohn on drums, electric bass player Helmut Schartlmüller and Severin Trogbacher on the guitar all know what they're doing.

"It's good if you don't understand everything"

Von Goisern had asked his listeners if they would understand everything, but added that it is perhaps very good not to get everything: "Then you can exert your imaginations!" Exactly. Mind you, a good many of his observations met with opposition from the audience. For example, the ones about the never-ending Franconia versus Bavaria fight. And a clarinet might be called a "black root" and Hubert von Goisern might well end up wide of the mark or crack the note. Not like, as the alpine rocker from the Salzkammergut said, as he perhaps had to say, in the Berlin Philharmonic.

For their second solo clarinetist now comes from Austria. But to claim that if he were to miss a note, he'd perhaps be given a place in Bamberg? As is well-known, a number of members of the Philharmonic on the Havel and Spree rivers in Berlin have come from the symphonies on the Regnitz river in Bamberg. Most recently, incidentally, Máté Szücs, solo viola. What ever. The music fit, von Goisern and band were in wonderfully good humour and knew how to get the listeners going. The atmosphere, the evening mood at the navel of the Bamberg world and the almost full moon, at times peeping out from behind the clouds were the icing on the cake.

Hubert von Goisern: Live in Gmunden - 27th May 2012

1st June 2012 | Photos: Elli Christl

Hubert von Goisern thrills

Tips 22/2012 | Photo: Fuchshuber

HvGGmunden. For three evenings Hubert Achleitner reigned over the Gmunden Rathausplatz. 3000 spectators each evening made sure not to miss the home game from the successful Salzkammergut music export over the Whitsun weekend and gave the 59-year-old Hubert von Goisern a worthy reception. Not unexpectedly, the concerts headed for his number 1 hit Brenna tuats guat as the high point, the song which had the musician shooting up the charts after a long abstinence.

The two Gmunden locals Florian Werner and Robert Zauner were also very happy with the success of their first event. Months of preparations and work were rewarded with the very best concert weather.

Hubert von Goisern conquers Gmunden 29th May 2012
Hubert von Goisern

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Hubert von Goisern: Live in Gmunden - 25th May 2012

31st May 2012 | Photos: Elli Christl

Hubert von Goisern: the outsider with a home advantage

OÖN 29th May 2012 | Text: Edmund Brandner | Photo: Volker Weihbold

Hubert von GoisernCarnival atmosphere at the Gmunden Rathausplatz – and for three evenings too: over the long weekend Hubert von Goisern gave three open air concerts on the shore of the Traunsee with media support from the OÖNachrichten - and each one had been sold out for weeks.

Hubert, currently the most successful music export from the Salzkammergut, had a celebrated home game.

Whereby: is there a home advantage for a passionate outsider? We might remember that Hubert Achleitner was thrown out of the Goisern brass band at 19 due to his increasing refractoriness. Afterwards he turned his back on his homeland (musically too). Only after spending many years in South Africa, Canada and Vienna did he find his way back to his roots.

The fact that it was with Hiatamadl of all songs with which he became successful and attractive to a broad audience in his later years can be seen as the irony of fate. Rainhard Fendrich once dismissed the song as simple folk music. The man from Vienna completely underestimated both the song and its artist.

In the meantime Hubert has made his peace with his homeland. And with the diatonic button accordion too. Ultimately the Goiserer's success is ground in the fact that he represents authentic music and thinks outside the box. Half of Gmunden came in lederhosen and dirndls to the concerts and clamoured for Hiatamadl. Not until the second evening did the Goiserer give in.

The voice of the periphery

For in truth the 59 year old is a musical world citizen who sings of Indians (incidentally liberatingly kitsch-free) and capitalism. The perspective is always the same: Hubert sings from the outside, he is the voice of the periphery. Whether it's the geographical edge, or the social, it makes no difference. The main thing is that it goes against the grain and refers to the truth behind the facade. In this way Brenna tuats guat developed as the public's anthem of the financial crisis. And the programmed highlight of the three concerts in Gmunden.

Before that Hubert and his band leisurely but purposefully drove the atmosphere skywards. They demanded little musically speaking of the 3000 fans each evening. Rich guitar solos, rustic country dance sounds and witty monologues from the Goiserer pleased both young and old alike. The audience partied to perfectly executed music, swinging their beer glasses and filming on their phones. Hubert presses painful truths in seductively pleasing ways. But insists with honesty as he goes.

9000 delighted Hubert von Goisern fans in Gmunden 28th. May 2012 | Photo: Fuchshuber
Hubert von Goisern

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3:0 - huge home game for Hubert von Goisern

Neues Volksblatt 29th May 2012 | Text: hut

The man, thank God, isn't like Bayern Munich. While the Bavarian footballers blew their predicted European Cup triumph on home turf, at the end of Hubert von Goisern's (59) three-day home series in "his" provincial capital of Gmunden, it was clearly 3:0 for him and his purely Upper Austrian combo. Every concert at the Rathausplatz from Friday to Whitsun Sunday was sold out, the atmosphere was excellent and where else could the Goiserer begin a show with a rocking version of the state anthem? No question: Hubert was happy in his biotope, even if on Sunday he had to answer his own enquiry of "Are there are any Goiserers here?" with an "aha, just the one" after a quick look into the crowd. Nonetheless his sung declaration of love turned into one of the greatest of the many highlights of this two and a half hour evening - from Weit, weit weg to the last encore, the beautifully poetic Heast as nit -, even better than the Schottische, which he played for the similarly numerous Ausseer contingent. With all the alpine hut fun that hits like Hiatamadl or, currently, Brenna tuat's guat evidently radiate for many people, Goisern is also a man of fine nuances, which find expression in wonderful new songs like Halt nit an, Lebwohl and I kenn oan. "Even those in the eternal waves / would be missed", the lyrics go in the latter, but nobody was missed at the Rathausplatz, neither those in jeans, nor those in traditional costume. Magnificence at the lake!

Hubert von Goisern in Gmunden

Cityfoto 26th May 2012 | Photo: RUMERSDORFER Stefan Mag. (FH)
Hubert von Goisern

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Hubert von Goisern in top form

Aktivnews 27th May 2012 | Text & Photo: Aktivnews

The second day of Hubert von Goisern's concerts at the Rathausplatz in Gmunden is over. The atmosphere was terrific from the first minute! Hubert, Hubert, Hubert, called hundreds of fans to bring Hubert von Goisern on stage with his fans.

There he was, strapped on his Styrian accordion and let loose. And right away had the more than three thousand fans in the palm of his hand. Song after song the atmosphere increased and by the time the season hit number one Brenna tuats guat came through the loudspeakers, the last visitors and fans were beside themselves.

This "musical intoxication" spilled over onto the stage with the artists and out them into top gear at maximum capacity. Everyone sang, danced, clapped and swung along. The beautiful weather also did its own good deed!

The two concert organisers Florian Werner and Robert Zauner, who really mounted something tremendous with this series of concerts and made a huge contribution to Gmunden and the surrounding area in terms of economics too.

Krauhölzlmusi took over the musical part from Hubert von Goisern once more and ended the evening with their own creative music, surrounded by fans and guests, who were visibly enjoying listening to the sounds from the brass instruments, the accordion and drums.

Hubert's home game in the Salzkammergut

OÖN 26th May 2012 | Text: Edmund Brandner | Photo: Volker Weihbold

GMUNDEN. Around 3000 fans thronged to the Rathausplatz in Gmunden on Friday evening to see Hubert von Goisern, who is giving three concerts in a row in the Traunsee town on his Brenna tuats guat tour (with media support from the OÖNachrichten) - incidentally they've been sold out for weeks.

It's a bit bold to talk of a home game when a Goiserer gives a show in Gmunden, and yet it was a home game. The people of Gmunden gave the 59-year-old a great welcome and Hubert Achleitner clearly enjoyed performing in the Salzkammergut. With a direct view of the Traunstein lit by the setting sun.

For years Hubert has been celebrated by a sworn fan community for his rebelliousness and individuality. Under pressure from the public he has now infiltrated the tight boundaries of Ö3, the Viennese fabric conditioner broadcaster made his Brenna tuats guat the anthem of the financial crisis and suddenly the Goiserer is suitable for the masses again as he was in his old days. The audience in Gmunden was diverse, but surely there have never been so many people wearing sunglasses and traditional dress using their mobile phones as cameras in the Rathausplatz all at the same time before. And the pictures must have blurred for a moment when Hubert sang of big Indian balls.

Hubert took his time, talked a lot and let his Goiserer charm play, while the concert slowly built up. The high point of the excellent evening was of course Brenna tuats guat. The man who once electrified the nation with Hiatamadl has hit a nerve once again.

Hubert von Goisern

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It burned well

Aktivnews 26th May 2012 | Text & Photo: Aktivnews

Hubert von Goisern playing at the Rathausplatz in Gmunden three times and letting it really burn. Whitsun weekend stands under the banner of one man: Hubert von Goisern. From Friday to Sunday the most famous man from the Salzkammergut will be playing at the Rathausplatz.

With his musical mixture of folk music, blues, ska, hypnotising instrumentals or weird Jews' harp, Hubert Achleitner, as he is listed in the Bad Goisern directory, thrilled the 3000 Hubert fans in the Rathausplatz and Schubertplatz, as well as on water on the Poseidon, the flagship of the Eder fleet, on the Traunsee along with numerous other boats that hat anchored by the square on the first concert day.

It was a pleasure to listen to his hits like Brenna tuats Guat, Weit, Weit Weg and Hearst as Nit as well as other hits from his 25-year repertoire in the best weather. Encore, encore, encore, roared the fans with thunderous applause and Hubert and his men answered the demand twice. But then with a yodel from Bad Goisern it was finally the end and a portion of the crowd went home, while many guests remained at the Stadtplatz, where Krauhölzlmusi from Ohlsdorf provided further musical entertainment.

Hubert von Goisern makes it burn three times 26th May 2012 | Photo: & Thomas Kurat
Hubert von Goisern

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World music in front of the castle

NÖN 29th May 2012 | Text & Photo: Mario Kern

HvGThe Austrian world musician Hubert von Goisern started his Brenna tuats guat tour in front of the picturesque backdrop of Schloss Fridau in Ober-Grafendorf. Thousands of fans were rewarded with the finest dialect rock and world music. Since the agreeable musician came into first the national and then the international spotlight twenty years ago, the man of Bad Goisern has experimented with varieties of alpine folk music, worked in the world music of different cultures, adding rock, blues and ska. This cosmopolitan mélange was celebrated. Whether old hits like Heast as nit, the Janis Joplin cover of Mercedes Benz sung in dialect, or new anthems like the engaging Brenna tuats guat: the thrilled fans followed the artist from the first beat to the last.

Home game

Süddeutsche Zeitung 23rd April 2012 | Text: Franz Kotteder

Alpine rocker Hubert von Goisern in Circus Krone

Munich – Growing food to make fuel from it is without a doubt nonsense. Similarly absurd, but in a positive sense, is wanting to have a hit with a protest song against this craziness and then managing to do so. But if someone is capable of doing that, it's Hubert von Goisern. The alpine rocker wrote the song Brenna tuat's guat for his current album Entweder und oder and in so doing invented the style of laconic eco-schlager. It is the final song before the encores in the sold out Circus Krone. You can tell that people have been waiting for this the whole time, as they all stand up at once and sing along.

If this hit didn't exist, it would still have been a home game for Hubert von Goisern, who came this time with the classic lineup of a rock quartet: Alexander Pohn on drums, Helmut Schartlmüller on bass, Severin Trogbacher on guitar, outstanding and up to every trick. And then of course there is Hubert von Goisern – responsible for singing and all kinds of instruments, from accordion to Jews' harp, guitar to harmonica, e-piano to clarinet. Yes, he even grabs the cow bells, which are otherwise known from the homeland evenings of tourist organisations, for the song Indianer of all pieces. What the master would otherwise distribute among numerous musicians, he this time performs himself.

The result is nonetheless as multifaceted, as one is accustomed to hearing from this veteran of alpine rock and world music, even if the ballads and the slow blues perhaps prevail a little too much. Occasionally one also wishes he would have unleashed his brilliant accompanying musicians a little more. But these are the exceptions: the four extract almost everything there is from the comparatively minimalistic lineup. As far as the repertoire is concerned, a few Goisern classics like Heast as nit, Hiatamadl and Weit, weit weg accompany the new pieces, as well as a phenomenal Janis Joplin cover of Mercedes Benz in Upper Austrian. Which also leads to the heart of the matter: with this combo, Hubert von Goisern has realised a nostalgic seventies retro rock dream, which can at the same time be very modern. And you dream happily along with them for two and a half hours.