Hubert von Goisern


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Miscellaneous: 2006

  • AdventsingenAdventsingen

    HvG makes an appearance at the jubilee gala, celebrating 60 years of Salzburg Adventsingen.
  • Political climate"Suffering under the political climate"

    Hubert von Goisern on the EU scepticism of the Austrians, letters to FPÖ head Strache and mumbling politicians.
  • ArtistShamans and priests are artists too

    The musician Hubert von Goisern never lingers on the surface. He probes folk music to find its heart and develop it anew from there.
  • Homeland"Homeland is memory"

    At the point at which he was most successful, he refused commerce. Hubert von Goisern on homeland, parties and a world without boundaries.
  • School"You have a great opportunity"

    School students from Styria spoke to Hubert von Goisern on the topic of "music unites Europe".
  • Open letterOpen letter to H. C. Strache

    In an open letter to the FPÖ leader H. C. Strache, Hubert von Goisern requests no further use of his music at election events.
  • ReligionReligions: Austria looks for a consensus

    Representatives of the Christian church, the Islamic faith and Hubert von Goisern form a platform of cooperation, to promote tolerance and rapidly intervene in religious fields of conflict.
  • Counter soundA counter sound to the alpenglow

    How does Austria sound? Not just like the New Year's concert, but like Attwenger and Hubert von Goisern, says the Salzburger Nachrichten.