Miscellaneous: 2018-20

  • InterviewAgainst the flow

    An informal chat on board. The Furche boards a boat with Hubert Achleitner – alias Hubert von Goisern - and sets sail up the Danube.

  • Licht ins Dunkel 2020Licht ins Dunkel 2020

    Hubert von Goisern puts his knowledge to the test and plays to win up to 75,000 Euros in aid of Licht ins Dunkel on the Promi-Millionenshow.

  • Alps"You can't sing on the summit"

    ALPS magazine talks to Hubert von Goisern about the security of the mountains, his definition of homeland and why it took a motorway bridge in Upper Palatinate for him to be able to learn to yodel.

  • DachsteinDachstein: Mountain of mountains in the Salzkammergut

    A new Land der Berge documentary explores the great Dachstein massif through the seasons. Contributing both stories and music: Hubert von Goisern.

  • No Place Like The FutureNo Place Like The Future

    Musicians Hubert von Goisern, Bob Bernstein and Enrique C. Martinez collaborate on the Austro-American cultural project "No Place Like The Future".

  • 2020Time to read

    Hubert von Goisern speaks from his studio about his current favourite reading material.

  • 2020 Goiserer: Before returning to the stage, there's an award to present

    Book, album, award ceremony: after a three year break, Hubert von Goisern has an intense year ahead of him.

  • Licht ins Dunkel 2019 Licht ins Dunkel 2019

    This Christmas Hubert von Goisern is taking part in the Ö1 celebrity quiz for Licht ins Dunkel alongside Birgit Minichmayr, Maddalena de Gobbo and Johannes Silberschneider.

  • Climate KirtagHubert von Goisern and Conchita at the Climate Kirtag

    At the Climate Kirtag as part of the Austrian World Summit in Vienna Hubert von Goisern performs as special guest with Conchita.

  • Kunst im ZiegenstallHubert von Goisern becomes patron of Kunst im Ziegenstall

    The new musical endeavour from Margarethe Hlawa-Grundner, winner of the HvG Culture Award 2018, celebrates its opening weekend. Patron Hubert von Goisern will be in attendance.

  • InterviewRevolution of stupidity

    SN journalist Bernhard Flieher talks to Hubert von Goisern and Konstantin Wecker.