Steilklänge - Anchor point 2: Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Repeat: Saturday, 2 October 2021

Steilklänge – Radio für Schwindelfreie (Top Sounds - Radio for those with a head for heights) produced and presented by Hubert von Goisern is a must for those looking to broaden their musical horizons. Twice a month the musician takes his listeners on both musical adventures, and poetic and philosophical journeys through time.


Hubert von Goisern - Steilklänge, Episode 2
  • Sly and The Family Stone – Let There Be Funk
    The Same Thing
  • Dirty Dozen Brass Band - My Feet Can't Fail Me Now
    My Feet Can't Fail Me Now
  • Ulali/Robbie Robertson - Music for the Native American
    Mahk Jchi
  • Gustav - Ich verlass die Stadt
    Alles renkt sich wieder ein
  • Gilbert Bécaud
    So viele Züge gehen
  • Bruce Cockburn - Night Vision
    Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long
  • Buddy Whittington - Buddy Whittington
    Young & Dumb
  • The Limeliters - Our Man in San Francisco
    Corn Whiskey
  • Sepp Atzmanstorfer - Wer hat das Groamat mir gestohlen
    - Holzarbeit in Weißenbach
    - So ist das Leben…
  • Georg Ringsgwandl - Vogelwild
    Wie de Johr vorbeigehn
  • Miles Davis - Someday My Prince Will Come
    I Thought About You

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